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PRODUCT (RED): color for a cause

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working class studioworking class studioSo this isn’t exactly a “contemporary entertaining” post – but PRODUCT (RED) – part of the philanthropic endeavor “(RED)” – is definitely still full of fabulous finds that you might really love (like this bright red iPod nano, for starters!) and – even more importantly – it benefits a great cause: helping women and children in Africa with HIV/AIDS.

In a nutshell, PRODUCT (RED) has teamed up with many of the world’s popular brands (GAP, Gucci, Converse, American Express, etc…) to create co-branded products. A percentage of the sales of each product sold is given to The Global Awareness Fund. So what this means is that you get to shop for things you might have purchased anyways – but with the added benefit of giving back at the same time…who couldn’t love this concept?! And with the holiday season right around the corner…the timing couldn’t be better :) Click here visit the PRODUCT(RED) website – or click here to check out their blog!

working class studio

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2 responses to “PRODUCT (RED): color for a cause”

  1. Anonymous says:

    i love that red ipod! very cool!

  2. kstyle says:

    Yea, I absolutely love this concept. Bought the whole family tees and bracelets. Love to see everyone blogging Red. k