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not a good start to the week

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San Diego Fires
In the course of less than 24 hours, San Diego has gone from it’s usual beautiful self to a frightening picture of devastating fire and smoke. The images you see above are all that we’re seeing on our local channels, and an unprecedented evacuation has already been ordered – even compared to the horrible 2003 Cedar Fire that burned 280,000 acres, 2,232 homes, and killed 15 people. The fact that this fire is already being described as “worse” – and it started less than 24 hours ago – is terribly concerning.

The biggest problem firefighters are battling is the wind. To give you an idea of how windy it is here, I was driving home with a couple friends yesterday from a baby shower about 90 miles north-east of San Diego, and the wind was so bad it literally felt like we might be blown off the road. At some points cars were going only about 15 miles per hour on the freeway because of the wind – and we saw several street signs bent in half, traffic lights shaking, and dust storms that blinded us for a few seconds. Same thing continued all through the night – howling wind, tree branches banging hard against house all night long, and ashy air that just makes your eyes constantly water. Pair this wind with fire and it’s about the worst possible combination. It’s too windy for firefighters to use their air support and the wind is carrying the fires at lightning speed. In the course of about 8 hours, we went from 2 major fires burning in SD County to 8!

Anyways, I know this is way beyond the normal scope of this blog, but I wanted to let people in other areas know what’s going on here too – and ask you to keep San Diego – and actually Southern California in general – in your thoughts & prayers. Several residents here lost their homes only 4 years ago, and it’s horrible to watch people going through this again. You could tell that one of the anchor women we were watching late last night was even having a hard time fighting back tears while she was giving updates. So if you can take a minute, please say a prayer for both the residents and the firefighters (some of who have already been severly injured). Many thanks…

SD Local News Updates: Fox 6 | NBC 39 | KUSI

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9 responses to “not a good start to the week”

  1. Anonymous says:

    omg! this is terrible! be safe!

  2. Sarah Dennis says:

    Jenn, I have been keeping a close eye on this and I will definately be praying for everyone in the Southern California area! This is
    just devestating!

    Living in NYC, I went through 911 and I know first hand how horrible fire can be, especially when lives are involved!

    The firemen of California helped us during 911 and I know if called the NYFD will reciprocate!

    Jenn, stay safe and stray strong! I’m prayin’ for you!

  3. Melissa DiStefano says:

    We went through the Florida fires last year, and in past years, and they are just terrible! For everyone involved! I’ll be keeping you in my prayers!!!

  4. Terina says:

    i grew up in So Cal. I remember watching the fires up on the san bernadino mountains. and waking up to soot all over our cars. i’ve been trying to watch the news but they haven’t had too much. thanks for the info.

  5. Anonymous says:

    For everyone who is affected by the fires, I will pray for them!

  6. Wingweaver says:

    My 17 year old son lives in Escondido with his father and I am in Washington State…..(you can imagine my worries). He called me this morning to tell me that school had been cancelled because they are using the high school for people that had been evacuated. I am praying that he will remain safe and my thoughts go out to all of the people that have already had to leave their homes. Thank you for the info/update!! keri

  7. Gatherings says:

    Prayers from Los Angeles, where we are getting it from east, north and west. My beloved Mailbu Presbyterian is gone.

    Prayers rise and are stronger than any of these earthly powers.

    Keep well. Stay safe.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Since Jenn posted on the fire this morning, her family was evacuated from their home…

    Jenn, we’re thinking about you and sending our prayers to your family, friends and residents of SD County.

    We love you… please keep us posted.
    Jen B.

  9. Susan says:

    California is a favorite vacation spot of ours. It’s devastating to see what’s happening on the news. Our thoughts and prayers are with every family that has been or may be affected by the fires.