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little white teapots

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My mom collects teapots, so I’m always on the lookout for cute ones at this time of year…like these fantastic, glossy white versions from Anthropologie:

modern holiday decorations{clockwise from top} Backyard Chickadee Teapot ($28), Seconds Teapot: Blue Jay ($88), Backyard Cardinal Teapot ($28), and Backyard Sparrow Teapot ($28)

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7 responses to “little white teapots”

  1. laurie says:

    these are absolutely darling! I can’t believe they’re only $28!

  2. Ang says:

    I don’t collect teapots but those are enough to inspire a new collection!!

  3. Sarah McColl says:

    i can’t believe those teapots from anthropologie are $28 either! what a score!

  4. jess says:

    My grandmother collects teapots, and I found her a perfect teapot present – Estee Lauder sells it Pleasures fragance in a solid compact that is a little gold teapot. All the major department stores have it – check it out!

  5. hiphostess says:

    That’s a great idea, Jess! I will definitely have to look for that when I try to brave the malls tomorrow. why oh why do I always find myself falling into that “last minute shopper” category?! ;)

  6. beverly says:

    These teapots are so charming! Super cute :)

  7. Anna Marie Tyler says:

    Wow – my mom collects teapots too AND she’s a birdwatcher – Perfect! Thanks so much for the great tip!