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Cocktails 06.19.08

Cocktail Garnish Ideas

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cocktail garnish ideas

This week’s HWTM feature over at GlamDish is all about dressing up your drinks! Click here to check out some fun garnish ideas or to contribute additional ideas of your own!

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9 responses to “Cocktail Garnish Ideas”

  1. Yum! These look absolutely delicious! Great ideas.

  2. happyathome says:

    Love the spicey shrimp in the Bloody Mary! Gives it a southern Louisianna feel!

  3. Elaine says:

    The peppery Indian spice rim on the Bloody Mary looks interesting.

  4. LCI says:

    I agree. They look great. Makes me thirsty…

  5. ganesh karki says:

    I want to how to make garnish

  6. priya says:


  7. dominic says:

    Looks like waauuu!!!!!!!

  8. Slim Bob and Skinny Chick Low Calorie Cocktail Mixers says:

    Love the White Cosmo, so elegant.

  9. GREGORY GOFFE says:

    they are great , i would to send some to make up the list ,