//, Sweets/Champagne Desserts for New Year’s Eve

Champagne Desserts for New Year’s Eve

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champagne desserts for new year's eve

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday! I took a much-needed break from the computer for a few days, which was the best Christmas present ever – it’s amazing how different the world can look after a few good nights of sleep! Speaking of which… catch some extra zzz’s tonight and tomorrow night if you can – because we all have a good excuse to skimp on them again come Wednesday!

For the next few days we’ll be focusing on some fun ideas for ringing in the new year… starting with a few dessert recipes featuring one of the key ingredients for new year’s eve celebrations: champagne, of course!

champagne desserts for new year's eve

Champagne Dessert Recipes:

1. White Peach, Cassis, and Champagne Floatsa super-easy & refreshing dessert that’s part Kir Royale, part peach parfait, and looks absolutely gorgeous!