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Wedding Lunch – Black & White Room

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black and white wedding ideas

I just uploaded some pictures from the “Wedding Lunch” event I went to this week at The Special Event 2009 – which was luckily held in San Diego this year! Talk about inspiration overload – I was like a kid in a candy store at this luncheon! It was almost dizzying…  There were 16 different table looks throughout the room – all designed by different companies. You can check out many more pictures of this room in facebook gallery.

black and white wedding ideas

The lovely Carely Roney from The Knot and The Nest was the keynote speaker and provided lots of great info about wedding trends – most specifically how brides are more “techie” than ever. Did you know that 80% of brides use to help plan their wedding? That number floored me! (Click here to check out the guest post that Carley did for us in December.)

black and white wedding ideas

Of course everything seen here was above and beyond: both creativity-wise and budget-wise. (Can you imagine how nerve-wracking it much have been to design a tablescape for an event filled with all event planners?!) I love finding inspiration for at-home parties from big events & weddings like this though…there’s always something new to discover, and seeing such creativity just gets the wheels spinning!

black and white wedding ideas

Check out the rest of the black and white wedding images over at the Facebook Gallery.

black and white wedding ideas

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17 responses to “Wedding Lunch – Black & White Room”

  1. Jaime says:

    Thanks for posting these photos. How fun! I’m so bummed I wasn’t able to get to The Special Event myself.

  2. I am so sad that I did not run into you there! Everything was so gorgeous! I will be at your event in LA, so we will get to meet there.

  3. Julianne says:

    Stunning black and white decor, very classy!

  4. How over the top…. the attention to detail is to be admired. Great work!

  5. Tori says:

    I love the simplicity of the color scheme yet the dramatic results black and white can create. Fabulous! I am loving the black-stemeed glasses the most! Thanks for sharing.

  6. kilee says:

    wow! this is insane!! looks like it was a heck of an event! wish i was there.


  7. Will says:

    Fancy! I like this… I wish people did stuff like this at their weddings more often.

  8. steph says:

    wow!classy and alive i would say, a memory that would be hard to forget esp. the black and white cool!

  9. Yvonne says:

    The Pics are fabulous, I wish something like this happened here in Atlanta! I love black and white, it is very sophisticated. I am so glad we’ve alittle from traditions! I am looking for black vases and candelabras for a friends wedding if anyone has any ideas on where I can find them please let me know. Thanks

  10. Sherrie says:

    Do you have any idea where to find that HUGE black vase from the event you went to? From the first pic(with it looks like white carnations in it?) My ddaughter adores it, is getting married also. Thanks soooo Much!

  11. jenn s. says:

    Hi Sherrie –
    I’m not sure exactly where that vase is from because several different event planners created the different tables, but there’s a place called Accent Decor that has a lot of similar styles. The “Mezzo” vase on this page looks particularly similar:

    Do you have a florist or are you creating all of the centerpieces yourself? If you have a florist or event planner they should be able to purchase from Accent Decor. (I think they’re business to business only, but you can always contact them and see what they say.)

    Good luck!
    Jenn :)

  12. jenn s. says:

    Yvonne –
    I’m just now seeing your comment – sorry! If you’re still looking for resources for black vases, and are both great resources.

    Candelabras are a bit trickier – they seem to come in and out of stores depending on the season, but you can always try Good luck!

  13. Black and white is so classic. They look great together or with an accent color to punch it up. Beautiful.

  14. Marlene says:

    Check out a Ben Franklins Store if you have one in your area. They have black plastic vases with silver on the bottom rim. Very classy looking and no one will know they are plastic unless you touch them, for about $3 each. Also silver or gold floral risers and other nice “cheap” vases. Good luck!

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  17. Concepcion Tsutsui says:

    Wedding Lunch – Black

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