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St. Patrick's Day Ideas

When you think of a St. Patrick’s Day celebration, I’m guessing the word “chic” isn’t the first adjective that comes to mind, but these smart & stylish ideas from ’round the web prove there’s another side to St. Patty’s Day festivities that’s sans the all-you-can-drink green beer and rowdy pub crowds!

1. Chic St. Patty’s Day DECOR:’s Irish-Inspired St. Patrick’s Day Decor gallery is loaded with lovely green ideas. A few favorites pictured above:
Irish Napkin Decor – simple & rustic… with a shamrock embellishment!
Green Glass Vases – dressed up with copper wire & white flowers
Bells of Ireland – modern & chic when displayed in a simple white vase
Green Floral Bouquet – a fabulous mix of chartreuse flowers, Bells of Ireland, mums, hydrangea, and hypericum.

(Also check out the Bells of Ireland Topiary tutorial.)


2. Chic St. Patty’s Day COCKTAILS:

St. Patrick's Day Ideas

Raise a glass with one of these tasty, Irish-themed cocktails:

Dublin Dream (Irish cream, vodka, Chambord, & more)
Irish Snakebite (Irish stout, hard cider, & blackcurrant syrup)
Everybody’s Irish {Irish whisky, green crème de menthe, & Green Chartreuse}
White Knight (Irish cream, Irish Whisky, coconut rum, half & half


3. Chic St. Patty’s Day RECIPES:

St. Patrick's Day Recipes

Courtesy of{clockwise from top left} Beef and Guinness Pie, Bittersweet Irish Chocolate Whiskey Cake, Irish Soda Bread (several recipes available), and Champ (mashed potatoes).

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6 responses to “Best of the Web: St. Patrick’s Day Chic”

  1. Karyn says:

    The flower arrangements are soooo GORGEOUS! Looks more like a wedding than a St. Patty’s Day party!

  2. Alissa says:

    Makes me even more excited for tonight’s festivities! Thanks for sharing theses lovely cocktails.

  3. I love Bells of Ireland! I always get excited when a bride wants to use them in their wedding decor. They are fabulous.

    Those photos make me want to hit up an Irish pub and enjoy a delicious meal and a Guinness! :)

  4. Davids says:

    I know I am a day late but a Grasshopper is nice frozen green drink. Not very Irish but the color is just right.

  5. Jess says:

    mmmm… Bailey’s Irish Creme– I think I know what my next cocktail will contain :)

  6. Shelly norris says:

    Love all of your unique and fresh ideas!