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“Sparkling” Sip & See Baby Shower

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How many of you have ever been to a “Sip and See”? A Sip and See is basically a casual type of baby shower that’s held AFTER baby arrives instead of before. Friends and family are invited to drop by “open house style” within a certain time frame to meet the baby (see) and enjoy light food & drinks (sip) .

When Tara from StrollerTraffic asked me to contribute some ideas for a Sip and See theme, I thought it would be fun to add a little twist on this concept and make it a “Sparkling Sip & See“, complete with lots of bubbly drinks, a pretty champagne-inspired color palette, and more sparkling ideas. Click here for full details!

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19 responses to ““Sparkling” Sip & See Baby Shower”

  1. Michelle says:

    Our baby is due in a month and a half — I love, love, love this so much that I’ve decided on putting your ideas to use at a Sip & See of our own!

    Any suggestions on incorporating cigars to offer our guests? How long after baby is born would suggest on planning something like this?

  2. Lisa says:

    This is a gorgeous theme! I actually might tweak it a bit for a bridal shower I’m hosting in May!

  3. Tori says:

    Love the cream, pale yellow, and brown color scheme. I had never heard of a “sip and see” before, wonderful idea and great party inspiration once again!

  4. Robyn Haas says:

    Just love all the ideas…thanks!

  5. Jenifer Simpson says:

    I love this idea. I did a sip and see for a bridal shower once, but I love the idea for a baby shower…so great!-Thanks!

  6. Jen says:

    We had an open house after our second son was born. This was a huge success because we had also just remodelled, so it was a combination of showing off the house and showing off the baby. It was also great for a second kid, because we had time to figure out what we needed in terms of gifts (the answer? baby toys!). We had a gourmet chocolate theme, turned out terrific!

  7. jenn s. says:

    A chocolate theme sounds like a GREAT idea, Jen! :)

    Michelle –
    So glad you love this idea! Sip & Sees are generally held 2-6 weeks after the baby is born. It’s probably best to gauge how you’re feeling a few days after delivery and figure out what time sounds best to YOU then… no need to stress yourself out!

    For the cigars – I’d just suggest personalizing the wrappers (assuming they’re individually wrapped) – with a custom label like the one pictured above. They come in a variety of sizes, so there should be one small enough for the cigars.

    You could even easily incorporate them into the candy buffet as another “treat”option for guests that are old enough, of course :)

  8. Lynn says:

    We did this for the arrival of my neice’s daughter. Her husband loved the idea too because it was casual and he invited his firends and coworkers too. Much less pressure on the new family doin the party “open house”-style. The grandmoms and aunts brought the prepared food and the drink ingredients and helped clean the house beforehand and afterward. It was a resounding success!

  9. Jules says:

    This is a fabulous idea! How would you incorporate twins – boy and girl – as far as color is concerned?

  10. jenn s. says:

    Hi Jules –
    You really could tailor this idea to ANY color palette – so even if you wanted to do traditional pink & blue with a champagne bar that would be fine… or you could stick with the yellow/champagne palette and just use white as your 2nd color, which would work beautifully since both yellow and white are gender-neutral.

    You could also signify the “twins” theme in other ways… by displaying certain pieces of decor (or party favors) in two’s or by setting out 2 pairs of baby booties/socks/onesies next to each other (one yellow, one white), etc.

    Good luck! :)

  11. Erika says:

    In Belgium we don’t have any baby showers. We always have guests around after the baby is born. Until a few years ago, guests would just pay a visit individually, but this proved to be a burden on some young parents who had to sacrifice precious moments with their newborn for weeks on end. Sip and sees are very common nowadays. Invitations are usually sent along with the birth announcements, and guests are treated with a small gift at the end of the Sip and See. I dedicated a website to these unique welcome baby treats. Njoy!

  12. Patricia LeBlanc says:

    We are doing a more “Meet and Greet” shower for my daughter but on the same idea. We are having a BBQ family style shower where invitations are sent out. We will have a relaxed atmosphere with lots of room for visiting with the parents and the twins. We will have a few shower type games and gifts to make it special but very stress free on the mother and the babies.

  13. Beth says:

    I love so many of your ideas, especially the inspiration board for the sip and see! It’s elegant and sparkly and such an uplifting decor for the new parents to celebrate their baby!
    On my website, I’m working on a top 10 list of baby shower trends, and I’d love to include your inspiration board, giving you full credit with a link to your website, of course. Would that be okay?
    Thank you!

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  15. RobynPuff79 says:

    Would it be tacky to include registry information with the invitations for the Sip & See or, no, because it’s kind of like a shower? I like this idea! Thanks.

  16. what is the inspiration bd?