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Eat & Drink 04.14.09

Simply Stated: Chocolate Chips 10 Ways

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chocolate chip recipes

Attention, fellow Chocoholics: Today over at Simply Stated, check out From Pancakes to Martinis: Chocolate Chips 10 Ways… and prepare to make a run for your pantry – or your local grocery store! (Did I mention there’s even a recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookie S’mores?!)

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5 responses to “Simply Stated: Chocolate Chips 10 Ways”

  1. Michelle says:

    Oh that just looks incredible.

  2. mara wong says:

    wow…want to try them all!

  3. Julianne says:

    Those cookie bars look fabulous, I think I will have to try them out this weekend!


  4. lea says:

    wow! i will eat anything covered in chocolate chips, this post is to die for. can’t wait to make them all.

  5. Chocolate can never be done wrong or too many ways! Loving it!