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Eat & Drink 08.27.09

All-Time Favorite Pie Recipes from BHG

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best pie recipes

I was browsing BHG for some good end-of-summer treats and came across this mouth-watering All-Time Favorite Pie Recipes e gallery! The top picture (Black Raspberry Cream Pie) is what immediately caught my eye, but there are plenty of other tempting treats for all sorts of tastebuds – from fruit-lovers to choco-holics!

Pictured above: Black Raspberry Cream Pie featuring a classic graham cracker crust and cream cheese-raspberry filling; individual One-Handed Fried Pies filled with dried apricots, peaches, & apples, then topped with a dusting of powdered sugar; colorful Tropical Fruit Pie, which can be made with your favorite combo of tropical fruits. (I’m loving the colors in the kiwi, raspberry, strawberry & papaya combo pictured here though!)

best pie recipes

Pictured above (clockwise from top left): pretty, lattice-topped Raspberry Pie; Sweet Glazed Cherry Pie covered with a powdered sugar glaze and sliced almonds; fluffy & refreshing Lemon Meringue Pie; and Mile-High Caramel Apple Pie – featuring 4 pounds of apples drizzled with warm caramel sauce!

best pie recipes

Pictured above (clockwise from top left): Decadent Chocolate-Mixed Nut Pie – reminiscent of a chocolate-covered nut bar; Pecan-Topped Pumpkin Pie (crunchy goodness in every pumpkin-filled bite!); Best Pumpkin Pie – BHG’s favorite take on this holiday classic; and rich & gooey Chocolate Chess Pie.

Which one looks good to YOU? =)

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9 responses to “All-Time Favorite Pie Recipes from BHG”

  1. Wow. So many good-looking pies!

  2. April says:

    These look delicious! I’m thinking about trying the lemon meringue pie.

  3. Barbara Schwenk says:

    wow – probably not a good idea to look at this before I’ve had dinner, now all i want is pie :)

  4. Down Pillow says:

    Mmmm…my mouth is watering – everything looks so yummy :)

  5. That raspberry cream pie looks awesome!

  6. Amy J says:

    How do you decide? They all look yummy!

  7. Ditto for the raspberry cream pie. The picture is jaw dropping.

  8. Elisa says:

    Lemon Meringue is a favorite, but the lattice raspberry pie and berry cream pie both sound delicious!

  9. Down Pillow says:

    Woah… I got the munchies!