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Audrey’s Pink Birthday + DIY Bubbles

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pink first birthday party

Abby from Style Me Pretty recently created the most adorable Pink Birthday Party for her daughter Audrey’s first birthday! From pink balloons & cupcakes to pink margaritas for the adults, you can check out all the pink-a-licious details over at Cookie magazine.

She’s also generously offered to share the DIY tips for these adorable Bubble Tin Favors with us, so read on for all the how-to info, plus a downloadable template for the labels and a few more detail shots from the party!

pink first birthday party


6” Tin Cans, found at Specialty Bottle
Craft Sealant (such as Loctite or Amazing Goop) for inside/base of can to help prevent leaking & rusting
Pink Pipe Cleaners, found at Michaels
Bubble Solution, found at iParty
Raffia, found at Michaels
Full Sheet Label Paper, found at Office Depot
Computer / Color Printer
Paper Cutter


1. Treat the inside of the cans with craft sealant to help prevent leaking or rusting.
(Note: This is an update to the instructions as per December 2011 after seeing via the comments that some readers had trouble with leaky cans.)

2. Download and print out the template for the bubble labels and trim just under and above the pink lines (so that the lines show) and horizontally at the end of the pink lines.

3. Adhere to the tins using as light of a tough as possible so you don’t leave fingerprints.

4. To create the pipe cleaner wands, shape the top of the wand into a circle, then twist the end around the handle.

5. Measure your raffia to about 18.” Holding the pipe cleaner in place, wrap the raffia around the wand and the tin, tying in a bow at the front.

6. Fill the tins about 3/4 full with the bubble solution (can be found at party stores).


A few more party details are pictured below… I just love the look of these pink drinks with the “YUM!” drink stirrers & pretty straws!

pink first birthday party

pink first birthday party

pink first birthday party

Thanks again to Abby for sharing these lovely details with us!

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106 responses to “Audrey’s Pink Birthday + DIY Bubbles”

  1. What a beautiful party. We are doing a balloon theme later this year and I LOVED seeing the picture of the large pink balloons. Well done.

  2. Myrna Espronceda says:

    L.O.V.E.D. I.T. !.!.!.!

    I just loved all the details…..Congrats! Loved the bubbles….thanks for sharing…..I am going to use it for my wedding!!!

    Best regards, from Mexico!

  3. Brenda says:

    This idea is really nice.. I love it!!

  4. Gabrielle Valentine says:

    I love the petal cupcakes. The pipecleaner bubble wands are unique, too. Great ideas!

  5. How cute are those bubble tins? And the cupcakes are gorgeous!

  6. cara says:

    Oh *this* is *lovely*!! Oooh, I so heart pink, and this is truly delightful.

  7. T says:

    Where can I find that cute little cupcake dome tray?

  8. celestina ballerina says:

    absolutely adored the bubble tins and wands! gorgeously creative idea!

  9. T,
    If you are referring to the glass cloche that that one cupcake is sitting under, you can get them here:
    [email protected] Thread

  10. abby larson says:

    I got the glass dome at Pottery Barn:) xoxo

  11. Leigh Moorhouse says:

    The cupcakes are gorgeous! Always looking for new decor for my cupcakes, I hope to use this one & tell everyone where I saw it first!

  12. Lisa says:

    What a cute party! Love the bubble tins. :)

  13. Heidi Snyder says:


  14. Ellen Collis says:

    Those cupcakes are precious, and I love the bubble tins—those might be a cool wedding favor??

  15. Michele says:

    Oh my goodness – does it get any sweeter! I wouldn’t change a thing; this is a wonderful party design/layout etc.! Love!

  16. Audrey H. says:

    this is a cute “pink” party!! i’m curious to know what the water balloons were for?

  17. Abby Larson says:

    I really wanted to have a balloon toss but my seven year old nephew couldn’t contain his excitement and wanted to just throw them. So, I told the kids to have at it. They basically just threw them up in the air to watch them splatter…they loved every minute of it!

  18. sausha says:

    I love the water balloons. I love your site!

  19. Diana {The Princess Escapades} says:

    Unbelievable! What an inspiration. :)

  20. caos says:

    the pink drserts abd marshmellow pops fab. great jdea

  21. Alexis says:

    Darling! What great details…it is killing me…what is in the white goodie bags?

  22. gabriel says:

    they look tasty and awesome. Pink color added makes it more beautiful

  23. Neelam says:

    Love this!! It’s my favourite so far! These are great ideas! The cupcakes are gorgeous!

  24. What a cute party! Honestly, I would love to have had that for myself :).

  25. Down Pillow says:

    So many adorable details :) I would never have thought of making my own bubbles – fun idea.

  26. Favorsforu says:

    I love it! Great job!

  27. Wedding Chic says:

    What a stunning party, I jsut love all these little details, the rose fairy cakes and the bubbles so sweet !

  28. Marian says:

    Oh… love it! Great pics!
    I really like how the buttercream was piped to look like roses on the cupcakes – nice touch!

  29. Julianne says:

    That looks like an awesome birthday party, with fabulous details. I love the water balloons and the beautiful cupcakes!

  30. Paul says:

    If anyone was curious the photography is from Paul and Krystal of Studio Foto. The party was a lot of fun and little Audrey LOVED the cupcakes:)

  31. Jennifer says:

    What did you do for invitations? Really Curious. THANKS

  32. Jennifer says:

    What did you put on table – tablecloth or runner? And how did you print sign for water balloons and drink stirrers?
    Love this!!!

  33. Amanda Svenby says:

    LOVE it!

  34. Melissa Garza-Allen says:

    Pipe cleaner wands…brilliant!! Thank you for sharing.

  35. Angie says:

    I love the homemade bubbles. They would be great for wedding favours. So much more unique than the typical small plastic bottle. The labels could be made with pictures of the bride and groom.

  36. candicita says:

    Does anyone know the balloon’s size??….Are they 36″??…Thank You

  37. Nona says:

    Do the pipe cleaners really work for the bubbles? I tried it and I can’t seem to form the bubbles in the wand–solution just sticks to chenelle?

  38. jenn s. says:

    HI Candice –

    Yes – the balloons are 36″. Nona – I’m not sure about the pipe cleaners since I haven’t tried it myself, but I’ll ask Abby about it for you. stay tuned!

  39. Andrea says:


    I am making these favors for my daughters bday but I am worried because the pipes don’t work, no bubbles are coming out. Am I doing something wrong?? Did anyone have this problem??