REAL PARTIES: Pinwheels & Pom Poms

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Pinwheels and Pom Poms party theme

I’m totally swooning over this new Real Party! It’s a super-stylish, intimate baby shower brunch featuring adorable pinwheels, festive tissue poms, fabulous paper patterns, and a fresh & colorful palette of yellows, greens, browns and blues.

The 3-dimensional invitations are also ridiculously amazing! And added bonus for us – you can find the entire DIY Tutorial for the pretty pinwheels featured in the invites right here on Style Me Pretty!

Pinwheels and Pom Poms party theme

Pinwheels and Pom Poms party theme

Read on for TONS of gorgeous pics and all the party details, as told by hostesses Kari Herer, Christina Wnek, and Pam Albert…

Pinwheels and Pom Poms party theme

Our pregnant friend Tracy is on bed rest and so we wanted to do something extra special and over the top in celebration of her and her “little peanut”. Not knowing the sex of the baby, they refer to their little one as “Peanut” – so we decided to run with that and made “Oh Peanut” our tagline.

Pinwheels and Pom Poms party theme

Pinwheels and Pom Poms party theme

The invitation started the whole thing off – it was a really small shower (just 8 people) giving us time to create something that we wouldn’t have been able to for a larger number of people. We wanted the invitation to make a statement and thought pinwheels would be something we could make and could carry through to the rest of the shower.

From there our theme was born: Pinwheels and Pom Poms!

Pinwheels and Pom Poms party theme

Pinwheels and Pom Poms party theme

Tracy has chosen Robert Kaufman’s Metro Market Chickens fabric for her bedding and color scheme for the nursery, so we drew our inspiration from that and stuck with greens, yellows, blues and browns.

Pinwheels and Pom Poms party theme

After deciding on the color scheme the rest was a piece of cake! As long as you have a color or group of colors to work with keeping an event cohesive is easy.

Pinwheels and Pom Poms party theme

Pinwheels and Pom Poms party theme

Pinwheels and Pom Poms party theme

We made smaller (less complicated!) pinwheels to decorate the cupcakes, hung pom poms from pomlove on the ceiling, adorned the doorway with a cute “oh peanut” banner printed by Papier Gourmet, and made some scrumptious sugar scrub with the line “from our shower to yours” on the tag.

Pinwheels and Pom Poms party theme

Pinwheels and Pom Poms party theme

We even had our own personal caterer (Kari’s oh so talented husband) to cook us brunch!

Pinwheels and Pom Poms party theme

The shower was a hit – it was a great group of ladies, an amazing meal, a fabulous atmosphere all in celebration of a great friend and her little peanut!”

Pinwheels and Pom Poms party theme

Pinwheels and Pom Poms party theme
Thanks again to Kari, Christina, and Patricia for the fabulous inspiration!

And here’s another link to the wonderful DIY Pinwheel Tutorial featured over at SMP!

paper pinwheel tutorial

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40 responses to “REAL PARTIES: Pinwheels & Pom Poms”

  1. jenny says:

    What a fabulous party! Everything looks so fresh and inviting… Does anyone know what font was used for the words “the peanut” on the green/yellow coasters and also on the word “baby” on the invitations? I just love that scripty font…

  2. Kristy says:

    So Vibrant, Unique and FUN! Oh, and now I am totally pinwheel obsessed:) Beautiful shower.

  3. Katie says:

    Where can I find straws like the blue and white ones? I need green and white ones for a shower I am throwing in January. Perfect little touches. Great job!

  4. Carolyn says:

    Hello, I’m wondering where the straws were purchased too – I would love some pink and white ones for my daughter’s b-day.



  5. cherry says:

    Adorable, love it!

  6. Christina Wnek says:

    Katie – we purchased the straws at an adorable little shop in Portsmouth, NH called Gus and Ruby Letterpress.

  7. Wendy Leung says:

    I love the colours…yellows are always uplifting and fun in any shade. The pinwheels and pom poms are great ideas and the invitations…how pretty!

  8. Kari Herer says:

    Jenny – the script font on the invite is from the font family, Bickham Script Pro.

  9. Leslie says:

    What a gorgeous party!!!

  10. Naomi says:

    This is so vibrant and festive looking. I love it!

  11. PomLove says:

    love the colors. love the theme. love the sweet ladies that i’ve gotten to know a bit. love it all:)

  12. Jeanee says:

    Love it!!!

  13. Kim says:

    This is SUPER adorable! It’d be perfect in the spring!
    Those paper straws are my favorite!

  14. anthony teo says:

    fabulous.. i love the colors…

  15. These pinwheel invites took my breath away! Perhaps, the cutest I’ve ever seen!!!

  16. bella says:

    OMG, that is so adorable. I absolutely love the pinwheel invites, so unique! Jenn hon, I love the font you used ffor the word Pinwheels, do you mind sharing the name? Hugs and TIA!

  17. Ambrosia says:

    Where did you get the cute jars for the sugar scrub?

  18. jenn s. says:

    bella –
    The name of that font is “Fling”. one of my favorites too :)

  19. Bella says:

    I have that font! I just haven’t gotten around to using it! I am a bit of a font collector…some may say even a font addict…lol! Thanks hon!