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Ultra-Creative, Suspended Cupcake Tower

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modern suspended cupcake tower

When HWTM reader Laura recently sent over some info about a “Suspended Cupcake Tower” that her friends Vicki and Ray created, I just about died when I saw the pics! Seriously – how cool is this?!

FLOATING cupcakes… now that’s some creative genius!

modern suspended cupcake tower

Co-creator Vicki Anderson was kind enough to share some more details on this project – as well as contact info in case you’re interested in ordering one for your own wedding or party.

Read on for more gorgeous images (courtesy of photographer Ali Broach) all the details, as told by Vicki…

modern suspended cupcake tower

“My friend Jenell asked me to design the display for her cupcakes at her wedding. I was not given any parameters, only that there would be 72 cupcakes. So, I did some research on the web looking for cupcake displays and thought they were all poorly designed.

My intent for this was to design something unexpected, so table tops were out. Hanging was my focus. Thankfully the wedding location gave us the perfect place to hang from.

I started thinking about flowers, but Jenell was not using flowers in her wedding. She’s a vintage mod girl…so, I envisioned dried flowers. As you know, to dry flowers they need to be hanging.

My partner Ray and I began thinking about materials. Of course there are so many materials you can use, but we were on a tight budget. I made the patterns for the holders and Ray cut them out of 1/4″ masonite. Janelle’s wedding was magenta, so we painted them two shades of green and magenta. They were strung on threaded rod and we used nuts to hold them in place on the rods. The three rods were then hung off a 1×1 wood member.

modern suspended cupcake tower

This was a prototype and was designed for a specific location and wedding. We’d most likely use different materials if we were not going to be on location to assemble it ourselves, but we like a challenge and are also considering wall mounted designs, individual tabletop designs, and more!

Ray and I would love to design different holders for other weddings and can be contacted by email at [email protected] or by phone 602.909.6118.

modern suspended cupcake tower

I was so happy the night of the wedding when I heard someone’s husband come back to the table and tell his wife he did not see any cupcakes. He went back inside and then came out with the cupcake. He said, “They were hanging…cupcakes don’t hang.” That was EXACTLY the response I was looking for. What fun!”

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31 responses to “Ultra-Creative, Suspended Cupcake Tower”

  1. Gigi says:

    this is just so ridicoulsy creative! I want one for sure….

  2. What a wonderful display! I love it!

  3. Elisha Akram says:

    Now that is creative… the hanging cupcakes… gotta love it!

  4. Laura says:

    Thanks so much for featuring this–I just think they do the most amazing job, and they are so creative! Any bride or party hostess would be SO lucky to have one of their unique creations. :) Love it!!

  5. Sandy says:

    Wow this is soo creative and delicious!!

  6. Beth Andrus says:

    I love this! With the popularity of cupcakes, I guess it was just a matter of time before someone came up with a unique (and awesome) way to display them for parties. So cool!

  7. Julianne says:

    Oh wow that is super neat!

  8. Amy says:

    this is awesome!

  9. Kelly says:

    There are so many ways you can go with this idea its crazy! Purple mini cupcakes bunched to look like grapes on the vine for a Winery wedding…bright cupcakes hanging in a spiral for a circuls party….or even red velvet cupcakes hanging from chains for a Twilight party!

  10. artgirl68 says:

    Tres cool! Wish I was the creative one who thought of it first. ;o)

  11. Alison @ Hospitality Haven says:

    That is so very cool!!

  12. Rowaida Flayhan says:

    Hi Jenn, wow this is so creative, I can say a piece of art.
    Just Beautiful.

  13. Ashley says:

    This is sooo cool!!!!!

  14. Fantastic!! Would love to see more ideas like this.

  15. Pamela Smerker says:

    WOW what a clever idea. Thanks for sharing!

  16. thats a pretty cool way to display cupcakes

  17. Susan says:

    I have seen homemade stands and have been impressed before with handiwork, but this takes the cupcake!

    And it takes the cupcake to new heights!!

    It’s not only a way cool clever idea to showcase sweet treats that are in, but the ingenuity factor behind the designers, Vicki and Ray, coupled with the beautiful photography of Ali Broach, has my jaw on the floor.

    Thanks for posting, Jenn!

  18. Very creative! And all on such a tight budget…although it’s often the tightest budgets that make you think outside the box for solution. And what a sensational solution!! :)

  19. Wow, this is amazing!!

  20. Amazing! What will they think of next?

  21. Pam Bivens says:

    My mouth fell open, I gasped with delight, then I giggled with glee when I saw this!!! You are brilliant, and this is fabulously ingenious!! Congratulations on your brilliant take on cupcake display and thank you so much for leaving behind the stupid cupcake towers!!! WOW!!!

  22. aly says:

    Wow, my nieces first birthday is coming up and a modified version of this might have to be made. This is AMAZING!!! Such a wonderful job.

  23. Angela Camilo says:

    This is just too brilliant!!! Superb!

  24. Genevieve Le Bel says:

    OMG! …just WOW!

  25. may says:

    they should start selling them .. im so in love with it

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  27. Amy says:

    Vicki and Ray are so very creative. But then again, I wouldn’t expect anything less from them! Hope they sell like “cupcakes.”

  28. vicki says:

    Thank you for all of the wonderful comments. Ray and I have 8 new designs for sale. Please visit our website

  29. Stephanie says:

    I was so impressed when I saw these cupcake holders. I’m glad there are cupcake holders that aren’t cutsey and designed for little girls. This is truly cupcake art. Well done.

  30. kym says:

    Love it…. I always look for new and cool displays for my bakery.. I say build a stand that hangs by itself and not one that uses the venue and we shall come… It must be designs and real photos of it working in action for you to be able to sell it.. Start on ebay and you will be amazed at the respones.

    best wishes

  31. Jus Gorjus - Wedding & Event Planner says:

    […] Suspended Cupcakes seems to have hit the market as early as 2010 as well, using a tower that was created by two friends, Vicki and Ray. Since then suspended cupcakes have taken on a different more whimsical twist. […]