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BHG Gallery: Quick & Easy Easter Ideas

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Easter Party Ideas

BHG.com has a great photo gallery called Quick & Easy Easter Decorations that’s full of simple, stylish Easter ideas.

Here are a few favorites from the gallery… starting with the chic “New Leaf” napkin fold, which is topped with a pretty flower bloom – like the yellow daffodil pictured here or another flower that matches your table’s color palette. (They specify using a floral tube inside the napkin for fresh cut flowers, but you could easily swap fresh flowers out for quality artificial blooms and skip the floral tube all together.)

Also pictured above: the “Glass Act” design featuring a daisy and colored rubber band wrapped around a glass votive holder. Cute & easy! (This would also be cute with raffia in place of the rubber band.)

Next up – Lovely blue & white ideas make for a fresh take on the traditional Easter color palettes: