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REAL PARTIES: Festival Du Bebe {Part 1}

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masquerade carnival baby shower theme

I’m so excited to share this party with you! This is a masquerade/carnival-inspired baby shower – dubbed “Festival Du Bebe” – that I created for my close friend Jen earlier this year to celebrate the pending arrival of her new baby boy (who has since arrived… healthy & adorable!).

When everything was spread out around our house in the last few days before the party I pretty much felt like a kid in a candy store… feathers, rhinestones, giant butterflies, flowers, champagne, monkey statues, loads of candy…oh yes, it was definitely a happy place!

masquerade carnival baby shower theme

masquerade carnival baby shower theme

Since there are LOTS of pictures to share – thanks to gracious & talented photographer Jillian Bisinger – I’m going to break this feature into 2 parts. We’ll cover the tables & party decor here in Part 1, and the food & drinks, party favors, and activities in Part 2.

Scroll down to check out more images, party details, and shopping resources…

masquerade carnival baby shower theme

The baby shower was held at Jen’s mom’s house. Her formal dining room is pictured directly above and in the 2nd pic from the top. This room had a big chandelier hanging over the table that was the perfect spot for a “swarm” of colorful fabric butterflies (ranging in size from 7″ – 24″) – and those fabulous striped chairs were actually part of her regular dining set!

masquerade carnival baby shower theme

All of the tables were covered with black linens, and place settings featured crepe placemats (in blue, yellow, and red), matching napkins in the same 3 colors, and zebra paper plates.

masquerade carnival baby shower theme

I also designed some paper napkin rings that featured mom-to-be’s first initial on one side and read “bébé boy” on the other side (which is pictured in the 3rd image from the top). You can purchase the napkin rings here.

masquerade carnival baby shower theme

All vases were purchased at Wholesale Flowers in San Diego and included short and tall cube vases with a festive shimmery metallic finish, as well as black and white ceramic vases with a matte finish (very verastile pieces that I use over & over again).

This was one of my very favorite details… mini baby bottles were embellished with purple, green, aqua, and red craft rhinestones, filled with mardi gras beads, and accented with butterflies!

masquerade carnival baby shower theme

By happy accident, I discovered that the mini baby bottles fit perfectly into the tea light holder portion of some monkey-shaped candle holders that I already owned (purchased at Target last summer). It’s kind of hard to see the rhinestones in the picture, but they circled the entire bottle cap and looked really cool from the top!

Table #2 featured a blue ostrich feather tree centerpiece. (DIY tutorial here) The Eiffel Tower vase was embellished with butterflies (adhered with 3D glue dots), and acrylic disc strands from a red beaded curtain hung from the feathered top. A small elephant figurine (purchased at HomeGoods for $7 and spray painted blue) – stood next to the vase.

masquerade carnival baby shower theme

“Jungle Collection” Baby Art Cards by Wee Gallery were displayed throughout the party and added the relevant “baby” element in a stylish way that would still appeal to adults! The art cards were inserted into either clear acrylic or colorful wooden frames to stand them up.

masquerade carnival baby shower theme

masquerade carnival baby shower theme

Garden trellis support stands from IKEA ($3 each) were decorated with colorful feathers, butterflies, and extra napkin rings & favor tags. These made for festive, free-standing “towers” of party decor that could be placed anywhere!

masquerade carnival baby shower theme

masquerade carnival baby shower theme

masquerade carnival baby shower theme

I made all of the arrangements myself the night before the party and they were actually very easy!

Since feather centerpieces can add up quickly and we already had some of those, my goal for the flowers was to keep them festive AND affordable – so the designs included just a minimal amount of flowers (between 4 – 9 stems each) and were embellished with fun details for extra “flair”.

masquerade carnival baby shower theme

Yellow China mums, white spider mums, purple iris, and bright red & dark red gerbera daisies were used in the arrangements.

Wet floral foam inside the vases enabled good control over the placement of each flower stem. The foam was covered up with a tight “bed” of flowers in some of the arrangements and a layer of turquoise or red acrylic sea glass in others.

All of the flowers were accented with artificial butterflies, and vases were embellished with striped ribbon, marabou feather boa, and extra Festival Du Bebe favor tags.

masquerade carnival baby shower theme

Additional party decor included: colorful ceramic vases, accent feathers in red/aqua/purple/gold, red & blue “mirror balls” (ornaments) from, white monkey statues from Z Gallerie, more elephant figurines from HomeGoods, and butterflies, butterflies EVERYWHERE. (Seriously – I even stuck them on the house plants and wall sconces!)

masquerade carnival baby shower theme

masquerade carnival baby shower theme

White candlestick holders were topped with melamine zebra plates to create “pedestals” for the framed art cards, elephants, and a few other things. Floral gum was used to temporarily secure the plates to the candlestick holders for the party.

masquerade carnival baby shower theme

For more affordable feather centerpieces to compliment the 2 “giant feather trees”, black and white Eiffel Tower vases were filled with just 4 ostrich feathers total, coming out the top of the vase. I made a few more detailed versions of these that I don’t have pictures of unfortunately, but in those versions I also wrapped the vases diagonally with colorful ribbon and mardi gras beads (cut costume necklaces) for a “striped candy” type of effect – which looked really fun too!

masquerade carnival baby shower theme

Here’s one of the welcome posters (displayed on a $20 standing easel from HomeGoods that we spray painted black) and some a some additional coordinating prints that I couldn’t resist throwing in…

masquerade carnival baby shower theme

masquerade carnival baby shower theme

Stay tuned for a recap of the food/drinks, party favors, and activities in Part 2!

masquerade carnival baby shower theme

BTW: all of the personalized paper party supplies used here – invitations, napkin rings, favor tags, etc. – are now available for purchase right here, along with coordinating thank you cards, address labels, and more!

And there’s also a Festival Du LOVE version in case you want to tailor this theme to a bridal shower or engagment party. =)

{Photo Credit: Jillian Bisinger Modern Photography}

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22 responses to “REAL PARTIES: Festival Du Bebe {Part 1}”

  1. Sara says:

    This is GORGEOUS! I just love love love all the butterflies and colorful decorations!

  2. Kathryn Larson says:

    Great idea with the garden trellis stands! And I love how the flower arrangements seem surprisingly simple but definitely don’t look that way at first glance!

  3. JL says:

    This would by MY happy place too!!!!!!

  4. Tangerine [email protected] Mississippi says:

    This is beyond gorgeous! The butterfly decor is fabulous!

  5. I love all the bright colors and the minimalist, modern flower arrangements!

  6. Sandra says:

    Wow! You did an excellent job as always, love it!

  7. Edeth - Comforters says:

    hey.. great stuff… looks really fantastic. your blog is too fine. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  8. Bird says:

    Très beau, ce Festival du Bébé!! :)

  9. ADRIANA says:

    just like everything you do… perfect!! :-)

  10. Jennifer says:

    Wow! You did an awesome job. Love the butterflies in the chandelier! Wish you’d been around to plan my baby showers…LOL

  11. Toya says:


  12. robyn says:

    Awesome ideas! Love it! I am doing a 40th bday party for my husband in a vintage carnival/circus theme. I like the idea of the words you used…festival du bebe. Do you have any suggestions for what I could use instead of the word bebe?

  13. Jenn @ HWTM says:

    Hi Robyn –

    I’ve actually customized the similar “Cirque du Bebe” invitations to read “Cirque du Birthday” for several people – so you could do something along those lines with this theme too: “Festival Du Birthday”.

    You could also use your husband’s name and change “du” to “de” so it reads, for example “Festival de Mark” or “Cirque de Mark”, which would translate to “Festival of Mark” or “Circus of Mark”.

    hope that helps! :)

  14. robyn says:

    Thanks so much!!! I love it! That helps alot!!!

  15. Linda says:

    I am using this theme for my sister’s baby shower. Can I purchase the Welcome sign from you??
    Thanks! Love it all

  16. Amy says:

    I love the contrasting colors and textures of the place settings! I’m also loving the bright, colorful butterflies of different sizes and accenting different aspects of the decor.
    Gorgeous ideas!

  17. alice says:

    I love this theme! i was wondering how can i download the poster? i know its available for the girl theme but i cant find how to download the poster for the festival?

  18. YESI says:

    WOW!!!! Gorgeous

  19. Madison says:

    Can we purchase the welcome sign?
    Is there any way to change it from “du” to “de”; trying to add latin flavor to it for a couple.

  20. Andrea says:

    Gorgeous! …Where did you buy the ostrich feathers?!

  21. Tarsha says:

    This is very tastful, great job! You are talented.

  22. showerbabe says:

    This is awesome! I just love the idea here of having a baby shower. The color and decorations is look so stunning and inviting. Love the butterfly effects!