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REAL PARTIES: Rockets and Aliens Birthday {Toy Story Inspired}

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Rockets and Aliens birthday party ideas

Cotton Candy Rockets with Pop Rock Aliens, DIY (and pretty darn adorable) Monster Aliens with giant googly eyes, Rice Krispie treats shaped like Rockets… sounds like BLAST, right?!

There are so many clever, creative details in this Rockets and Aliens birthday party dreamed up by Natalie from Southern Belle’s Charm for her son’s 5th birthday. If you’ve got a Toy Story (or Monsters vs. Aliens!) fan in your circle, this one’s especially for you!

Rockets and Aliens birthday party ideas

Rockets and Aliens birthday party ideas

Read on for lots of fun pics and all the party details, as told by Natalie… 

Rockets and Aliens birthday party ideas

“My son Greyson loves Toy Story, and I love to incorporate his ideas into a party that we both love! His favorite character is Buzz Lightyear – so we went with a Rockets and Aliens party for his birthday this year.

I stuck to a palette of limes and blues and used rockets and “G“s as the focus for the party. We have always called him G since he was little and – due to the space ranger influence, {G Force} was a perfect match!

There were paper lanterns hung as planets with slinkies {inspired from the movie} as the “fire” from the rockets.

Rockets and Aliens birthday party ideas

I used tissue poms and a polka dotted lime background to create the dessert table background, and added a custom banner with his name on it.

Rockets and Aliens birthday party ideas

Rockets and Aliens birthday party ideas

We made monster aliens to decorate the table!

Rockets and Aliens birthday party ideas

Rockets and Aliens birthday party ideas

Rockets and Aliens birthday party ideas

There were lots of polka dots, rockets and G’s to pull the theme together. We found the little aliens from the movie and used them on the cake and as filler on the tables. My son wore a custom shirt made by Olive&Ollie.

Rockets and Aliens birthday party ideas

We served a picnic lunch in Alien lunch sacks complete with rocket peanut butter sandwiches and Toy Story 3 grapes.

Rockets and Aliens birthday party ideas

The adults had chicken salad in croissants with celery/carrots in ranch served in votive containers.  There was fruit skewers too!  I like to serve the same thing for adults as the children but in a different presentation style. This party was for both groups of people!

Rockets and Aliens birthday party ideas

Rockets and Aliens birthday party ideas

Rockets and Aliens birthday party ideas

For drinks we had a Blue Cosmic Cooler and decorated lime Pellegrino bottles with rocket labels.

We served the drinks for the kids in lime and blue frozen rocket cups to keep their drinks cool on the hot day.  And before they left we had blue rocket Popsicles made from molds.

Rockets and Aliens birthday party ideas

There was a gorgeous cake to accompany the Dessert Bar, which also included: Cotton Candy Rockets with Pop Rock Aliens, Rice Krispie Rockets, cookies, cupcakes, Buzz Lightyear Pez, and candy galore!

Rockets and Aliens birthday party ideas

It was a swim party {we live in Las Vegas and it was 115 degrees on the day of his party!} so the favors were swim toys, floats, water blasters and sand toys – all with Buzz Lightyear and the Aliens on them.

Rockets and Aliens birthday party ideas

For the adults we gave out sugar cookies with fondant rocket toppers.

Rockets and Aliens birthday party ideas

We asked everyone to show up to “Star Command” at 11:00 am and the kids “soared into Space” (a.k.a. our swimming pool) with games and activities.

I made the invitations, favor tags, banner, treat bag tags, labels for food/beverages, thank yous, and birthday hats.

Party City for polka dot napkins, Polka Dot Market for balloons, Paper Lanterns and Favor Bag toys from Dollar Tree.”

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45 responses to “REAL PARTIES: Rockets and Aliens Birthday {Toy Story Inspired}”

  1. Ces says:

    what a great idea especially if you want to incorporate Buzz Lightyear/ toy story without being too Disney about it.

  2. WOW!!! SO many gorgeous details!!!! I’m always happy to see that a BOY party can be just as FUN and beautiful!!!! Mommy to 2 girls :)

  3. Melissa R. says:

    omg omg omg omg omg!!!! i love everything!!!! so cute :) just suggested it to our family friends for their son’s 4th bday :)

  4. robin says:

    you are an inspiration! I wish my farmers market tables were this cute!

  5. Victoria says:

    My favorite detail was the slinky holding the lantern. So appropriate with the theme!

  6. so super cute-love all the fun details!

  7. PartyMom says:

    This is such an adorable party…I love the way the slinkies were used…so creative!

  8. Adriana says:

    Super cute party, I know someone who is planning an Alien/Monster party, I can’t wait to share!

  9. As a mom of two boys, SOOOO love this!

  10. This is so stinkin’ cute! Excellent choice for the color scheme and Toy Story character choice. Very detailed I love the way everything meshed together so perfectly – Two thumbs up!

  11. Too cute! I love the color scheme, and it looks so easy to do. Good job!

  12. Thank you everyone! I had a “blast” planning it.

  13. Ivy Colon says:

    WOW!!! love the little mosters..clever-clever-clever!! Loved it :) Great job!!

  14. I love the colors and the whole design. Super Cute!

  15. kathy Giron says:

    Love the party! Where did you find blue slinkys and the glittery rockets?

  16. @ Kathy: the blue slinkys are from the Dollar Tree. I made the rockets – let me know if you need them.

    • Lyndsey says:

      Hi Natalie, I LOVE this party, if you get the chance can you e mail me, I would love to get all the information on where and how I can get everything to duplicate this party :). Do you do invitations to? I got to have these invites :).

  17. Sandra (Ribbons and Favors) says:

    What a great job on a boy theme party! Of course, I would have to love the cookies in the little CELLO BAGS with the cute tags. But…I must say.. it was nice to see a healthy snack become part of the party as well.

  18. What a super party ~ the kids must have went nuts!

  19. natalie, everything looks amazing!! congrats :) i’m so excited just to see my cupcake/cookie toppers on here!!!

  20. The Rice Krispy rockets are cute! Going to have to get out the cookies cutters for my next event.

  21. SimplyIced says:

    The colors look fabulous. Great party!

  22. [email protected] Polka Dot Market says:

    Natalie, this party is out of this world! You did an AMAZING job!

  23. Kary says:

    I like Toy Story! The kids love it!

  24. bridal girl says:

    Great job in here. And a lot of cool ideas here too. The designs and the games are so simple too. Thanks for all the great ideas you have here!

  25. orietta says:

    Waoooooooooo! I have no words to describe this creative and beautiful bday theme! I like the colors, the decoration…everything!! Continue like this.

  26. Immy says:

    This birthday is sooo cute…I cant stop lking at the pictures…
    Can anyone tell me how to have the birthday pictures displayed here?

  27. Corrine says:

    Wow Natalie….awesome job! So creative…loved everything about it! Cool colors, desserts were cute … what can I say? Great ideas! My grandson loves Woody. Any ideas for a Woody party?

  28. Dorangela says:

    Love it!!! I have two boys that love Toy Story. My youngest will be 3 in a few weeks and I’m doing a retro rocket ship theme using aqua blue, sage green and chocolate brown. Will use some of your ideas, thank!! quick question, everyone now has a backdrop for the dessert tables, how does one do this? A large canvas wrapped in fabric? Thanks

  29. Alexis says:

    Hi! I’m planning something similar, but don’t know where to get those nice brightly colored polka dot napkins?! I’m in Australia though. Any help at all would be appreciated. Thanks!

  30. PATTY says:


    • The Ice Cream Cones Favors are super easy – just add cotton candy to the ice cream cones. Then I bought the alien containers from HeyYoYo on etsy filled them with pop rocks and added eyes and paper to the bottom. They just sat on top. I found a rocket mold on etsy – there are a ton available. Thanks!

  31. Lucy says:

    This is amazing!
    My son is Toy Story crazy and I was looking for inspiration for his birthday party. I wanted a clear theme without going to Disney crazy and I love that you’ve done that so effectively!
    Does anyone know where I could get a paper punch rocket similar to this?

  32. Dee says:

    Everything looked great and I am sure the party was a big hit! How did you create your green backdrop with the polka dots?


  33. Pinky says:

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I’m having a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy themed party in a few weeks. I’m blatantly stealing your adorable idea of the cotton candy and pop rocks cones. You’re brilliant! Thank you so much for the great ideas.

  34. Stacey says:

    Cute! How did you make all the cut outs? With a cricket machine?

  35. renae says:


  36. sharon says:

    Thanks for the idea / theme for our youth dept. at church!!! The colors were very vibrant and I like the DIY projects!

  37. Elise says:

    how did you do the backdrop/background.

  38. Hana says:

    where did you get the rockets from they are soo cute, you did an amazing job.

  39. Brittany says:

    How can I get the recipe for the cotton candy in the ice cream cones?

  40. Donna says:

    OMG! those rockets! they are perfect! E-mail me I just have to have them [email protected]

  41. <3 It and so do my son I wanted to know were can we get some of those adorable glitter rockets?