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Halloween / Sweets 10.25.10

Halloween Dessert Table + Treat Cones DIY

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Stefanie from Anna and Blue Paperie sent in this festive Halloween dessert table that features lots of fun, affordable DIY projects – like chocolate-dipped marshmallow pops with colorful Halloween sprinkles, glitter pumpkins, and popcorn-filled paper cones displayed “bed” of candy corn!

All of these themed paper details are also available in Stephanie’s etsy shop. (Don’t you love how the magic of etsy + printable pdfs makes last minute party details so much more attainable now?!)

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{details from Stefanie:}
“With Fall in the air, I wanted to create a Halloween-themed party table, and I’m so excited with how everything came together!  My goal was to create a party that was affordable and was versatile enough to work for both children and adults. Many items were found in the dollar section at Target, and most of the items were hand made including the popcorn cones.”


Speaking of the popcorn cones – if you like this display, here’s what you need to recreate it: craft styrofoam sheets, lollipop sticks, candy corn, paper, tape/gluestick, and an edged tray or other similar shaped vessel – like the bottom part of a shirt box or an acrylic shadow box frame.

Roll the paper into cones and secure with tape/glue. Leave a hole at the bottom of each cone just big enough to fit over a lollipop stick. Cut the styrofoam sheet to fit snugly within the tray/vessel and place it inside. Insert lollipop sticks into the styrofoam in rows, then cover the foam completely with candy corn.

Fill cones with flavored popcorn or kettlecorn (or a similar treat), then slip the filled cones over the lollipop sticks, which will give them the illusion of standing up on their own on top of the candy corn!


Additional Vendor Credits:
Candy Stickers: Kristy of Posh Pixels Design Studio
Cookies: Jodie of How Sweet Austin

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12 responses to “Halloween Dessert Table + Treat Cones DIY”

  1. This is a beautiful tablescape love that you girls stuck with the traditional Halloween color scheme – great job!

  2. LOVE it. super super cute!!

  3. Wow! Absolutely love the standing popcorn cones. Would be great for a ‘magic’ party… Levitating Popcorn! Also love the traditional color scheme and the polka dot black wall runner.

  4. Ellie g says:

    That candy corn/popcorn idea is completely GENIUS! I’m kind of dying over it. I am planning on taking popcorn cones to a party on Thursday. This might be just the answer to displaying them in a darling way. I SOOOO appreciate you being willing to share the DIY details, Stefanie. If I do it, I’ll be sure to give you COMPLETE credit. Seriously. Loving this!!

  5. [email protected] Baby Swings says:

    Wow Your Halloween decorations look fantastic. Here in Australia we really dont celebrate Halloween like you guys do. However there are more and more Halloween ideas in the shop as the years go. Those treat cones look great and the colors are wonderful

  6. Jeannette Rosario says:

    This is the sweetest dessert table – will definitely reproduce the popcorn cone display for my party Saturday!

  7. Melina says:

    I love that bed of candy corns! What a treat this party would be.

  8. Mindy says:

    I love how the tablescape has the black & white poka dot background. Is this fabric or wrapping paper? Makes a great back drop!

  9. Cindy says:

    This is tooooo cute! LOVE your blog!

  10. PartyMom says:

    What an adorable and festive party! Sometimes I miss classic holiday colors, so the emphasis on classic oranges and greens was welcome in my book. This is a great tutorial for the paper cones…the display really makes them look like they’re floating!

  11. Christine Jones says:

    I’ve tasted baked treats from Jodie at How Sweet Austin. Just delicious!!! I have them sent to my home in Kentucky.

  12. Cheri says:

    Can anyone tell me the amount of items they recommend for a dessert table? Also do I need to have enough of each item so that each person can take one of everything? Or should I just make a full batch of each item and they can pick and choose?