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REAL PARTIES: Sweet Butterfly Birthday

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Butterfly Birthday Party Ideas

This oh-so-dreamy butterfly birthday party is the latest wonderful party creation from the ridiculously talented Lindi of Love The Day! Lindi threw this party for her daughter London, and you might also remember the adorable My Little Sunshine party that she created for her daughter Ella’s first birthday.

Everything about this butterfly party feels so sweet and magical – especially the gorgeous tree adorned with amazing “ruffle garlands” and homemade butterfly floral mobiles! Other lovely details include clever DIY dessert platters (created by wrapping cork board in floral fabric), a pretty lace-trimmed tablecloth, and butterfly yard signs adorned with lace and ribbon… and more!

Butterfly Birthday Party Ideas

Read on for tons of inspiring images (captured by Jon and Melissa Smith), followed by party details & vendor resources from Lindi

Butterfly Birthday Party Ideas

Butterfly Birthday Party Ideas

Butterfly Birthday Party Ideas

Butterfly Birthday Party Ideas

Butterfly Birthday Party Ideas

Butterfly Birthday Party Ideas

Butterfly Birthday Party Ideas

Butterfly Birthday Party Ideas

Butterfly Birthday Party Ideas

Butterfly Birthday Party Ideas

Butterfly Birthday Party Ideas

Butterfly Birthday Party Ideas


More details from Lindi…

Pastel pink, pale yellow, Martha Stewart blue, mint green & lavender

My front courtyard with my daughter’s favorite tree serving as a backdrop.

• I found these adorable white butterflies and was determined to find a way to hang them from the trees! So after a few coats of spray paint, I decided to make floral mobiles and hung them and the butterflies above the dessert table.
• The amazing ruffle garlands were created by one and only Jenny of Hank and Hunt.
• Butterfly yard signs adorned with lace and ribbon circled the table and doily back happy birthday garlands were also strung from the tree.
• All the lace tablecloths were sewn to create a layered effect.
• Cork board was wrapped with floral fabric and used as platters for the desserts.

Goody bags with “thanks for fluttering with us” tags

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28 responses to “REAL PARTIES: Sweet Butterfly Birthday”

  1. Kati S. says:

    This is STUNNING! I just love, love, love the amazing tree and that gorgeous pink cake!

  2. Lisa says:

    The floral mobiles are a great idea!! Definitely taking that idea with me – thanks!

  3. Melina says:

    Thanks for sharing — I may be re-purposing those garlands for some Christmas decorating!!

  4. Lisa says:

    What a beautiful butterfly party!! I love the ruffles, cake and printables!!
    The food is so pleasing to the eye!! Just perfect!!

  5. carli says:

    What little girl wouldn’t die for this beautiful party!! Simply Amazing!!

  6. City Sweets says:

    It was so fun being apart of this adorable party! Lindi did such an amazing job putting it all together.

  7. This is gorgeous and amazing! The photos are so beauitful!

  8. SusieQ says:

    What a perfect little party. Did you invite the neighbors?

  9. Jenn says:

    Every detail is gorgeous!

  10. Jenn says:

    What an amazing collaboration! I love how all the details go together so well. It is absolutely beautiful!

  11. erica says:

    i’ve worked with lindi before and just LOVE her. her work is amazing and every detail in this party is perfect!! LOVE

  12. Rory says:

    I wish I had a little girl so I could copy this party!!!

  13. Megan says:

    Such a pretty party! I love the pastels!

  14. Danielle says:

    This is all so adorably beautiful!

  15. Jennifer says:

    Absolutely beautiful. Loves the soft colors. Very inviting.

  16. Carli says:

    Would you mind sharing the new font you have for words like Share, Comment, Leave a Comment etc on your site?

  17. Lindi is beyond talented at what she does and she’s such an easy person to work with! All the other vendors also created great products to add fun dimensions to the party and make a beautiful event. It was so fun to be a part of this darling party!

  18. I love the butterfly “mobile”. Going to use that idea for this fairy themed toddlers room I’m designing.

  19. Aunt Spicy says:

    Lindi’s parties are always amazing, this one is just lovely!

  20. Catherine says:

    This is SOOO adorable! I would LOVE to do this for my daughter’s next birthday!!

  21. Sherry says:

    Absolutely lovely!!

  22. Maria Todorova says:

    My english is not so good to explain how you make me feel with this unbelieveble ideas and photos! I feel flying in a wonderful fairyland full of joy,happiness, magic and lot of fun.The traditions of birthday parties in my country are very different but i will try to change them like this wonderful world.

  23. Reza says:

    I LOVE THIS!!! I wanted a cross between Tea parties and Butterflies and this was done perfectly!!! I love it!!


  24. Letycia says:

    where can i find the bird cages? they are so beautiful

  25. Brooke says:

    This is so beautiful. We are planning on having a butterfly theme party for our daughter’s 1st birthday in May. Any idea where I can find those gorgeous tablecloths or a DIY tutorial?

  26. Meg says:

    How did you make the mobiles?? LOVEE them!!!