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Christmas 12.8.10

Inspiration Board: Rudolph & The Misfit Toys

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rudolph holiday party ideas

Wanted to share a some holiday party inspiration with you today… A friend of mine came up with the fun idea of doing a “RUDOLPH & THE MISFIT TOYS” theme for her son’s first birthday party since it’s so close to Christmas. Pretty cute idea for a kids holiday party theme, right?! Here’s a peek at the inspiration board that I’ve been putting together for her, in case you want to add some playful “Misfit Toys” elements to your own holiday party one day…

I’ve gotta admit this was a kind of a tough inspiration board to put together – there are a lot of ideas in my head, but i couldn’t find many party products or past party imagery out there that were tailored to this particular theme. Also, most of the Misfit Toy items I did find were kind of pricey due to the “collectible” aspect of them, which is why I was sooo very happy to come across these adorable Rudolph/Misfit Toy character Plush Dolls AND Bobble Heads for $9-13 each! These little guys will look super cute mixed in with snowy decor & mini evergreen trees and are exactly what we needed to help to solidify the party theme.

rudolph holiday party ideas

So the MAIN ELEMENTS of the decor are shaping up to be: evergreen trees, snow (piles artificial snow, snowball garlands, etc), misfit toy characters, reindeer desserts, wooden signage, and a holiday-themed birthday hat for the birthday boy! I’m thinking either a “Santa Suit“, “Reindeer” or “Hermey the Elf” theme to the birthday hat – whichever mom prefers. I’m also loving these large character buttons as an easy way to play up the theme… either as napkin rings, favor tags, or just embellishments to the candy jars or other party decor:

rudolph holiday party ideas

The “centerpiece” of the party will be a themed dessert buffet. My plan is to create some jars of candies & desserts based on some of the key characters in the story… for example “Yukon’s Peppermint Patties” (because Yukon is an explorer looking for mines of peppermint) – or Sam’s Snowballs (snowball cookies in honor of Sam the Snowman). For DIY dessert ideas, I’m loving these Reindeer Cupcakes (pretzel antlers & tootsie roll ears!) and Reindeer Gingersnaps recipes.

For the kids favors, we’re still trying to decide on those – there are lots of available options, but these GIANT 5″ sugar cookies from Queen of Tarts are way too cute (and too perfect for the theme) for me not to at least share here:

rudolph holiday party ideas

The paper printables will be another important element to this theme and one of the easiest ways for me to tie in the “birthday” aspect too. I’m planning to do straw flags, a birthday banner, candy jar labels, etc. I’ll should have some new printable downloads available for you here after all is said and done!

Last but not least, these holiday photo booth accessories would be really cute for capturing fun memories of the party:

rudolph holiday party ideas

If you have any ideas to add that could be fun for this theme, we’d love to hear them! =)


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6 responses to “Inspiration Board: Rudolph & The Misfit Toys”

  1. What a fun idea!! If I were involved in the party, I don’t think I could resist making a stop motion digital invitation. Just a short thing, but customized for the birthday boy. DSLRs make it so easy these days!For the birthday cake, I’d be tempted to make a glacier/mountain shape. Lots of disco dust. gumpaste characters sliding and climbing around. The smash cake could be the chunk of iceberg that he floats away on (or is that Rudolph? Shoot, it’s been too long!).And there has to be a way to incorporate some red AquaBrites ( ) for Rudolph’s nose. A slightly opaque white punch with a red blinking light? A flurry of snowflakes hanging from the ceiling with one blinking red light in one of the clouds? A cake in the shape of Rudolph with the blinking light embedded for his nose?Fun fun fun!

  2. Stacy says:

    We love Rudolf! I would love to do this party theme. We have all the action figures from the movie that they put out about 10 years ago — it’s one of the displays/decorations we put out every Christmas. I haven’t seen these in stores recently, but I DID see that Build-A-Bear Workshop has some small Misfit Toys for $8.50 and a large stuff your own Clarisse and Rudolph with cute sound chips from the movie. I am definitely going to follow your progress on this. It is the perfect theme for a winter birthday party!

  3. says:

    You could give away the DVD as parting gifts when the children leave. The last I checked, the movie (from 1964) was going for $3 and some change at amazon…

  4. Pat says:

    If you have luck breaking the pretzels for those reindeer antlers I’d love to hear about it. I tried it this weekend and gave up. Instead of the mini vanilla wafers I used sour gummy drops for the nose/mouth combo(thank you Dollar Tree) and flattened them– using different colors combos gave each cup cake a different personality — very fun. Good luck. You can’t go wrong with the reindeer theme – the kids love to sing the song. My party of girls sang it for their parents at the end of the night — very cute.

  5. Annette says:

    I love these ideas!!! Great!!

  6. dawnmuscolino says:

    I’m wondering if you have any pictures of the finished product. I’m using this theme for my daughter’s second birthday (born in January) and am curious how all came out. Such a bummer – the items you mention are much more expensive now so don’t know if I’ll be able to do many of them for decorations.