“Wedding Hangover” Anniversary Party – Pt. 2

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The Hangover Movie – Party Ideas

In continuing with Part 1 of our “Wedding Hangover Party” from yesterday, I’m just going to jump right into Part 2 here – because there’s lots to cover! This will recap the party decor and photo props (Part 1 featured the drinks/dessert table, accommodations, and overall concept). Here goes...

THE INSPIRATION for the party decor came from the hilarious scenarios and quotes from the movie itself, of course… but I wanted to be sure to incorporate the tiger, the chicken, Stu’s missing tooth, the hospital scene, and the casino/Vegas vibe in particular… and then of course tie in the anniversary/wedding element too!

The Hangover Movie – Party Ideas

The image above is shot from the “front door” of the suite’s lower level. The “lighted hearts” and hospital gown are props for guests to use in photos…more on those later!

The pepper shaker below (sitting on a Las Vegas Hotel Collage Coaster) references Alan’s “Tigers love pepper. They hate cinnamon.” quote from the scene when the guys are serving the “floorie steak” *wink* to the tiger.

The Hangover Movie – Party Ideas

I purchased stock photos of a tiger and a chicken from istockphoto.com, printed them out at various sizes, and attached them to wooden dowels. These were used throughout the centerpieces and stuck into vases filled with Skittles (which also tied into a movie quote). Here’s a picture of one of the bigger centerpieces:

The Hangover Movie – Party Ideas

In addition to the tiger & chicken graphics, the centerpieces also featured the missing tooth prints from the dessert table (see Part 1) & giant paper casino chips that read “Cheers to 10 Years” and “Lucky in Love“. The wooden dowels were embellished with sparkly pipe cleaners.

Real poker chips were also used to decorate the wooden dowels. I purchased the poker chips at Target, and they were surprisingly heavy/nice-quality for the price – about $8/set! I also used them to line/hide the rim of some of the vases, which were actually inexpensive wooden containers covered in sparkly fabric. For the vase fillers, I used red acrylic ice and lengths of feather boa.

The Hangover Movie – Party Ideas

Wall calendars are one of my favorite ways to get cheap “prints” to frame for parties. The framed prints featured here are all cut from a Hangover movie calendar. Some were displayed in frames from IKEA and others in novelty Vegas frames that I purchased here.

The Hangover Movie – Party Ideas

Pictured above: Carlos/Tyler (a.k.a. the “Hangover baby”), ring pops to tie in the wedding element, and Skittles… for Alan’s Skittles-filled man purse satchel.

And speaking of the baby from the movie… that brings me to my favorite element of the party… our daughter’s cameo as “Carlos”! (or “Carlita” as we called her). Our good friend dressed up as “Alan”, complete with the baby carrier for Macy!

The Hangover Movie – Party Ideas

Don’t worry… Macy made quite the early exit from the party. Luckily my own mom was conveniently staying just a few rooms down the hall. Gotta love Grandma! =)

Next up, another favorite element… the Talking Hangover Bobbleheads! Each doll quotes different lines from the movie, such as “{singing}…And we’re the three best friends that anybody could have…

The Hangover Movie – Party Ideas

Three of the Bobbleheads served as the centerpiece for the coffee table. They’re elevated on a wrapped wooden box, placed on a cool metallic red tray I found at Target for $14, and surrounded by chocolate poker chips from Sweets Indeed.

The 4th Bobblehead (another Alan doll) was displayed near the TV, along with mardi gras beads just like Alan wakes up wearing. I couldn’t resist a play on the hilarious “wolf pack” speech by Alan and set out a toy wolf pack in the same area with a mom/dad/baby to represent our current family. =)

The Hangover Movie – Party Ideas

The TV was in the very center of the suite, so I tried to make the most of that space & loaded as many movie references there as possible…(and of course the other side of the huge TV came in quite handy for football during the day!)

The Hangover Movie – Party Ideas

The picture of Alan in the Vegas frame is a still from the police taser scene, and I found the blackjack book referenced in the movie on Amazon. Also pictured above: styrofoam hearts covered in playing cards and velvet ribbon/ornaments (to look like “Vegas sign” lights), and if you look really close you can even see Alan peeking through from the back of the room on the left! But here’s a better view…

The Hangover Movie – Party Ideas

I was so excited to find this {almost life-size} cardboard stand-up of Alan! I feel like need to point out that Alan IS wearing cheetah-print underwear though… it’s a little hard to tell from the picture!

I searched everywhere for stand-ups of the other characters and Mike Tyson too but couldn’t find them. I DID find at least one other useful design though…

The Hangover Movie – Party Ideas

…that’s right – we had to have a tiger in the bathroom! I originally planned to buy a giant stuffed tiger, but the cardboard version was more cost effective and easier to transport. Another thing I thought would be fun here but didn’t have time to figure out was to have recorded tiger growls playing on a loop in the bathroom too. How’s that for setting the mood?!

The stand-ups were also great “props” for guest photos!

The Hangover Movie – Party Ideas

Speaking of photo props… let’s move on to those next, starting with Alan’s aviator sunglasses. I purchased a few different colors/designs of sunglasses on Amazon for $3-$4 each. There was a pair for everyone, so I guess you could call them a party favor too. =)

The Hangover Movie – Party Ideas

We also had hospital bracelets for everyone to wear, thanks to my nurse practitioner friend – Mimi. She also brought a hospital gown for us to use as a photo prop!

The Hangover Movie – Party Ideas

Now, keeping in mind that this is also an anniversary party, I wanted to have some sort of “love” themed photo prop too. I kept envisioning some sort of giant heart that guests could peek their faces through.

At first I was planning to decorate the hearts to be kind of “cheesy wedding” style, but then I noticed a big pack of small gold Christmas ornaments at the store that had wire attached, and realized they could be fashioned in a way to create that “name in lights” effect, which was a perfect tie-in for Vegas!

The Hangover Movie – Party Ideas

So I had them all nice and pretty before the party (DIY post coming separately), but I didn’t really account for the “passing around” factor at the party, so they got kind of thrashed. Instead of being upset about it, I’m just going to pretend that this was part of the plan and state matter-of-factly that these are now “hungover” hearts that just wanted to fit in with the idea of a thrased hotel room. See how easy that was to justify?! =)

The Hangover Movie – Party Ideas

Word to wise if you do this in the future though – hot glue to the ornaments for extra security. The wire felt secure at first, but just couldn’t hold its own with the party guests!

We also had some blow-up dice (purchased at Party City) to use as props and toss around, and of course the suite – with that fabulous window – wasn’t a bad “prop” in itself!

The Hangover Movie – Party Ideas

Something unexpected happened that was seriously the best surprise… our guests (and some other close friends that couldn’t make the trip) created a photo book for us that was filled with fun memories with each of them from the past 10 years and sweet letters/messages. I will honestly treasure this book forever!

The Hangover Movie – Party Ideas

We played songs from the movie during the party, and of course there had to be a Jager toast for the guys before we headed out for the night – just like in the movie!

The Hangover Movie – Party Ideas

That’s it for the cocktail party… but it was just the beginning of our night! As for the rest of the evening, I’ll just tell you that it was a blast… and YES, I remember all of it! =)

Okay – I’m HANGOVER-ed out! This post took a lot longer than I expected… so I’ll have to prep & post the free printables/downloads this weekend instead of today. As they say in the movie biz… they are “coming soon“!

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  1. Suzanne says:

    FABULOUS, FABULOUS, FABULOUS on all levels Jenn!

  2. Justine says:

    FABULOUS pop culture party!!!! It all looked like a fabulous time, I love how you developed all the elements from the movie in exciting party decor ways… great job and hope you had an amazing anniversary!

  3. Stephanie says:

    Oh. My. Word. LOVE all of it! So, so perfect. My husband and I are doing a similar vegas trip for our 10 year this July, we may just have to have a theme now! Better get a bigger car to drive all that stuff with me from LA. Great job!

  4. Mindy says:

    your best. party. yet!

  5. Rhonda says:

    You have outdone yourself on this one. Great job!!!

  6. Jenn- This is so cool!! The tiger in the bathroom and the baby outfit are my favorite touches. You did an amazing job. I’d love to know how long this took you to plan. Maybe you said, but I missed it by all of the awesome eye candy. You did an AMAZING JOB! Love it!!

  7. Jenn this is fabulous love your party looks like you had an amazing time love the decor and theme. amazing photos! Your daughter is sooo adorable and cute!

  8. Latoya says:

    SUCH a fabulous party! So many great details, and it looks like everyone had a great time!!

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  10. Leslie says:

    Amazing! You always know how to throw an over the top party!

  11. Louisa @ FLIPAWOO Design says:

    wow, wow, wow, this party turned out so well. Honestly, I feel kind of exhausted seeing how much work went into this. It seemed definitely worth it and it looked like a lot of fun. Your daughter is so stinking adorable by the way. She should be in commercials.

  12. Ana says:

    Geniallllllllllllllll vaya decoracion, es que me quede sin palabras, Felicidades!!

    mi esposo y yo cumpliremos 8 años de casados y me gustaria nos dieran alguna idea, se lo agradeceriamos,


  13. ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!!! What a GREAT way to spend your anniversary!

  14. Vicki murray says:

    AMAZING!!!!! Every detail…and more….is covered!!! Love it!!!!

  15. Victoria says:

    Just wonderful! Thanks for sharing so many details. Although I have to admit that I didn’t really like the movie, I LOVE the party theme. Great job!

    BTW, what was in the box of props you forgot at home?

    • jenn s. says:

      Here’s what I left at home:

      2 “Alan Satchels” – 1 was supposed to be a photo prop and the other I was planning to use as decor & fill with skittles & label with a sign that said “hey, there are skittles in there!” just like in the movie.

      Some novelty Vegas-themed trays for the food (we did heavy appetizers that aren’t pictured above & ordered a bunch of party platters from the hotel), as well as dice bottle openers for the bar and “Vegas wedding shot glasses” where one of them had a veil attached. just though that would be cute for display :)

      Framed movie quotes (more printables).

      A few bottles of cinnamon with a “no tigers” symbol (like a no smoking sign with the slash through it).

      A few disposable cameras labeled “lost pictures”!

  16. Mary Irizarry says:

    WOW-WOW-WOW!!! Love it!!! Every detail was perfect and you guys look like u had a great time!! Congrats on your anniversary! The baby Carlita was perfect!!! :)

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