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{Pretty Your Party} Shop Sweet Lulu

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Pretty Party Packaging Ideas

You know how you’ll look at a gorgeous dessert or party spread once in a while and think, “That’s SO very cute and I could totally recreate it IF I only knew where on earth to find those adorable mini bottles / stripey straws / dotty gable boxes / [insert other cute but hard-to-find item here]?”

Well… I have just the party shop for you! Before I spill the beans though {assuming you didn’t already see the shop name in both the title AND the intro image above}, please promise me you won’t order up ALL the mini bottles and striped popcorn bags before I have a chance to go shopping this month for Macy‘s 1st b-day party. Sound good? Okay, cool. Glad I don’t have to worry about that anymore. =)

Pretty Party Packaging Ideas

Seriously, though – there are soooo many cute party props at Shop Sweet Lulu it’s ridiculous! From designer baking cups and birthday candles to pretty packaging and party decor.

A few more favorites are pictured below, starting with these adorable gable boxes, candles, and Polka Dot Candy Cups:

Pretty Party Packaging Ideas

Cupcake Stands and Cake Stands:

Pretty Party Packaging Ideas

“Be My Valentine” Packaging Kit:

Pretty Party Packaging Ideas

Plates & Napkins, Paper Party Cones, and a rainbow of Twine:

Pretty Party Packaging Ideas

Washi Tape! {in various colors}

Pretty Party Packaging Ideas


Have fun making your party pretty! =)

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23 responses to “{Pretty Your Party} Shop Sweet Lulu”

  1. Lin says:

    wow it says the bottles are sold out :(

  2. Adore this sweet shop! One of my faves.

  3. HACB says:

    OMG. I want everything! This could be dangerous… for my bank account. :)

  4. Cece says:

    My son’s 1st birthday isn’t until September… I’m already starting to plan, and almost feel like ordering! This stuff is darling!

  5. WOW – thanks for sharing! I just love those little cupcake wrappers and the gable boxes.
    SO FUN!

  6. i just got my first order and placed my second order! so loving this shop!

  7. Jessie says:

    Oh my goodness!! Thank you so much for all the shop love! I’m beyond flattered! I’m reordering constantly, so if I’m out of stock on anything, please check back soon!!

  8. HiLLjO says:

    Soo cute. I’m such a sucker for cupcake liners. FO sho.

  9. Marisol says:

    Thank you! =)

  10. Carissa says:

    Wow – Thanks SO much for posting that!!!

  11. Jessica says:

    Guess who bought out almost the whole store for Jackson’s Rock Star Party? Yep! That was me. Can’t wait to use all of this amazing stuff in his party on Saturday! Stay tuned! Plus, Jessie is AMAZING to work with!!!!

  12. Karyn says:

    Got any picturesof what you’re doing with
    Washi Tape?

  13. Katrina says:

    OMG! on two levels.. I <3 this stuff. Can't wait to plan another one of my girls parties. Maybe the Kai-Lan party I posted about today. And the second level.. I just made a comment about your daughter's 1st party :D Crazy huh? Macy is an adorable name, I don't think I caught that before.P.S. I linked to your site today, hope you don't mind…

    • jenn s. says:

      Of course I don’t mind :) Thanks, Katrina! And yes… can’t believe the 1st b-day is almost here already. This first year seriously flew by! :)

  14. I’ve been super obsessed with Shop Sweet Lulu lately. I spend more time on that website than should be legal. Thanks for the awesome post! I’m just wanting to buy everything even more than before. Can we scream addiction! Thanks Shop Sweet Lulu for providing such amazing party perfection!

  15. Molly Marler says:

    Yay!!!!!!! Thank you SO much!! What a great website; FINALLLYYYYYYY!!!! Have been looking for those bottles for almost two years. Its embarrassing, really. :) SO Exciting! Thank you!

  16. Nikki Brown says:

    Super cute and I love the milk bottles. Things like that are so retro and such a find.

  17. jenn says:

    darn it those popcorn cones were exactly what i was looking for, for a couples shower i’m throwing on saturday. too bad i didn’t get this post a couple of weeks ago :(

  18. hena tayeb says:

    fabulous.. i love the cupcake wrappers and the cups and just about everything!

  19. Jen says:

    Super-duper cute…matches well with some things I already have in mind!! Love it, thanks as always for sharing!

  20. Steph says:

    Looooove the cupcake liners! I will definitely check out this site when I start planning my daughter’s summer birthday party.