Mod Elephant Baby Shower in Yellow & Gray

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Yellow Gray Elephant Baby Shower

From a fabulous yellow & gray color palette and “ribbon wall” photo backdrop to a cool cluster of contemporary paper mobiles suspended from the ceiling, this ELEPHANT THEMED BABY SHOWER by {the very talented} Elizabeth of Bump Smitten is truly the definition of modern + chic!

The entire atmosphere looks so warm & inviting, and at the same time remains mod-minimalist & sleek… don’t you just want to jump right into the pictures?! Ya, me too…

Yellow Gray Elephant Baby Shower

Yellow Gray Elephant Baby Shower

And speaking of jumping right in… read on for LOTS more fabulous images, and party details!

Yellow Gray Elephant Baby Shower

Yellow Gray Elephant Baby Shower

Yellow Gray Elephant Baby Shower

Yellow Gray Elephant Baby Shower

Yellow Gray Elephant Baby Shower

Yellow Gray Elephant Baby Shower

Yellow Gray Elephant Baby Shower

Yellow Gray Elephant Baby Shower

Yellow Gray Elephant Baby Shower

Yellow Gray Elephant Baby Shower

Yellow Gray Elephant Baby Shower

Yellow Gray Elephant Baby Shower


PARTY DETAILS, as told by Elizabeth

“Since the mommy-to-be didn’t know if she was having a girl or boy, I decided to go with a yellow and gray color palette. And since the nursery had an animal theme, I thought it would be cute to bring in the elephant (and they happen to be gray too…)

For the party decor, I was determined to make the paper mobiles created by Jordan Ferney from Oh Happy Day. Jordan used multicolored vellum, but since I didn’t have easy access to lots of vellum — I decided to go with cardstock paper from the Paper-Source. Please visit Project Wedding  for Jordan’s step-by-step instructions. Get out your sewing machine!!

I also made a few pom poms to add some more yellow in the room. In hindsight, I definitely should have made more!

The first activity we came up with was a wishing tree — a place where the guests could leave wishes and advice for the mommy-to-be. We provided little cards (of course, in the same theme) and little clothespins to attach to the branches. I loved reading everyone’s advice! The next activity was a animal themed guessing game. Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun trying to figure out the correct answers. They were hard!

Next, I put together a photobooth backdrop using fabric and streamers (with different shades of yellow and patterns) and lots and lots of tape. My inspiration came from SmileBooth. They are insanely creative and have one-of-a-kind backdrops and props! The co-hosts, Tracey & Jen collected all the advice cards and photobooth pictures to make a book for the mommy-to-be. Adorable! What a special gift.

Lastly, I put together a small candy bar filled with yellow rock candy, Lemonheads, Jelly Bellies, M&m’s, yogurt covered pretzels and animal crackers. The guests got to leave with a small bag of goodies wrapped with yellow ribbon and a small elephant attached.

All-in-all it was a wonderful baby shower and everyone had a lovely time. Thanks Jen and Tracy for all your help! And a special thanks to Tracy’s husband for the AMAZING truffle mac & cheese!”

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24 responses to “Mod Elephant Baby Shower in Yellow & Gray”

  1. Simple and classy color combination. Tissue paper pom poms turned out nicely!

  2. Beautiful colors, so bright and cheerful! Love the wishing tree.

  3. Emily says:

    Love the color combo! These shoes are a perfect fit! (except they are girly:)

  4. Carrie R says:

    SUPER cute!!! I LOVE the colors, details and design.

  5. Linda @alamodestuff says:

    So cute! I love the entire mod theme.

  6. interior decorator st. catharines says:

    Love the color combo.. It looks unique and beautiful. This blog is simply the Best!

  7. What a beautiful baby shower collection, quite elegant. The “Little Peanut” theme seems to becoming quite popular in connection with elephants, I think they are such a cute combination. I love the wishes tree.

  8. Beata says:

    I love the wishing tree idea. I am planning a baby shower now and was going to send the wishing tree cards with the invitations. Does anyone have any ideas or resources where I may find a cute poem to include to explain the wishing tree.

  9. tasia says:

    love these ideas! what could i do for a banner?

  10. Frills & Fun says:

    LOVE these!!
    i’ve shared them on my blog this evening…

  11. Meredith says:

    Is there an answer key for the game? I can’t find it. Is it right in front of me?

  12. Dawn Lopez says:

    Thank you. So very cute!

  13. vicky t says:

    where are the answers for game>\?

  14. Gary Gratious says:

    great stuff !

  15. K Ferg says:

    Love these downloads and I’m using them for a shower in two weeks. Wondering what the fonts are that you used so I can try my best to match them up? Thanks!

  16. A Wol says:

    What are the answers to the game??

  17. Carolyn Brimer says:

    Very cute, but where are the answers to the questions on the game?

  18. Laurel says:

    Thanks for all the great ideas! I took the animal game and put it into my chevron elephant theme. Also, used the wishing tree idea. As for the answers (per the ask above), had the mommy-to-be looked them up on her computer before the shower. :) I didn’t hang the note cards from the tree because we hung little felt elephants as favors. Love all the printable, thanks for sharing!! Here’s a link:

  19. MIshal says:

    I would love to download these printables, but when I select to it tells me that I am not subscribed to the blog and need to get permission from the blog owner and ask the blog owner to subscribe me in order to see the blog….

    • jenn s. says:

      Hi Mishal – You’re right… I just checked the link as well and it looks like the site originally offering the printables – isn’t around any more, sadly :( Sorry about that!