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DIY Tutorial: Festive Velvet Fabric Pumpkins

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Fabric Pumpkins - DIY Tutorial

Looking for a creative fall-themed project? These pretty VELVET FABRIC PUMPKINS from floral design guru Kim Foren make for such pretty fall/Thanksgiving decor, and there’s no sewing machine required – just a needle/thread and your trusty glue gun!

I also love that you can customize this project with your favorite colors and fabrics. The velvet and silk used here looks pretty and glam for Thanksgiving, but Kim also included red and warm earth tones here that can be carried on into Christmas! Read on for the full step by step tutorial, as told by Kim…



by Kim Foren of Geranium Lake

– Velvet Fabric
– Needle & Thread
– Scissors
– Dried Beans (ex: Lentils) for Fill
– Gourd Stem(s)
– Hot Glue Gun & Glue

Fabric Pumpkins - DIY Tutorial

First assemble your supplies and make note of the gourd size you will be using. You’ll want to make your fabric pumkin to scale.

Begin by cutting your fabric into a circle. We love the look of velvet but we also used satin to create some variety.

Fabric Pumpkins - DIY Tutorial

Hint: The diameter of your circle determines the size of your pumpkin so gauge approximately for the size of your gourd.

Next, create a simple basting stitch around the perimeter of your pumpkin.

Fabric Pumpkins - DIY Tutorial

Once, you gone a bit, you can begin tugging on the needle and thread start cinching your fabric.

Fabric Pumpkins - DIY Tutorial

Once you have stitched and cinched the entire perimeter fill with the pumpkin with dried beans.

Fabric Pumpkins - DIY Tutorial

After you have filled your pumpkin cinch the top closed and sew shut.

Fabric Pumpkins - DIY Tutorial

Now attach your gourd using hot glue…

Fabric Pumpkins - DIY Tutorial

…and viola you’re DONE!

Fabric Pumpkins - DIY Tutorial



Photography by: Erica Ann Photography

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15 responses to “DIY Tutorial: Festive Velvet Fabric Pumpkins”

  1. Lindsey says:

    Where did you get the gourd stems?

  2. These are too freakin’ cute! I love how easy they are and the sewing involved is minimal.

  3. Very classy pumpkins. The velvet ones are my favorite.

  4. Sasja says:

    Theese pumpkins are just so fine, I really love em.

  5. Kelly says:

    What a great project idea! I’m excited to try it out next week :)

  6. Silke says:

    What a great idea! I have some little gourds sitting on the deck that I cut the stems of. These will make wonderful hostess gifts as well.

  7. nicoledombroskie says:

    Just curious: do the stems rot?

  8. Samantha Keenan says:

    Won't the stem rot though?

  9. AJ Rogers says:

    You are fabulous! I cannot believe I haven’t found you sooner!

    • connie says:

      you could also stuff them with regular stuffing, the kind used for stuffed animals or rice if it’s cheaper than lentils.

  10. Rini says:

    Must Try These!!! Soooo Cute!!!
    Is there a stylish substitute for the stems?
    I think I’ll have trouble finding them….

  11. Dream-Shop says:

    Super fine hjemmelavet græskar,og det er jo snart Halloween

  12. Kim Remmer says:

    Great projec, Theese pumpkins are just so fine