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Fabulous Find: “Bedazzled” Bonbons

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Glitter Bedazzled Bon Bons

You are SO going to LOVE these DAZZLING chocolate morsels from Bedazzle My Bonbons! Don’t be fooled…these are not foil-wrapped chocolates. Oh no…these glittery confections are completely edible!

Dreamed up by Sasha Vincent, the owner and creative force behind Bedazzle My Bonbons, you may have already noticed these adorable creations popping up all around the event industry. In addition to adding sparkle and buzz to all kinds of celebrations, they can also be found glitzing the pages of publications like Martha Stewart Weddings and grabbing screen time on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, sTORIbook Weddings, & more.

Bedazzled Bon Bons on Pastry Pedestal

Fabulously displayed on The Pastry Pedestal™ (pictured above & below) – or simply used as accent elements on a cake or cupcake, the glitz and glam of these gorgeous bonbons will leave any chocolate loving diva weak in the knees…check it out:

Glitter Bedazzled Bon Bons

Glitter Bedazzled Bon Bons

Bedazzling My Bonbons collage

So if you’re looking to add some SPARKLE and PIZZAZZ to your next celebration… with 24 colors and 6 different flavors to choose from, there’s a perfect bon bon for every event! Serving as both dessert and decor, Bedazzle My Bonbons are also a wonderful idea for unique party favors, corporate gifts, and wedding favors, as well as adorable edible embellishments for cakes and cupcakes.

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POSTED BY:Jessica K.JESSICA KIRKLAND is a designer by nature and is always engaged in something artistic.

8 responses to “Fabulous Find: “Bedazzled” Bonbons”

  1. antique engagement rings says:

    Red and Pink .. my 2 favorite colors!

  2. Gaye says:

    Jessica I ordered these bonbons for my daughters wedding at the insistence of our wedding planner. I loved the ideal, but I was afraid, like most favors, they would be left behind and the money would go down the drain. I was so wrong…they were the hit of the wedding, not only were they gorgeous, they were soooo delicious! I highly recommend these to anyone who is thinking about adding a little “Bling” to their event.

  3. Erica Cooper says:

    I saw these bonbons online about a year ago and now that I am planning my wedding these are a must have.

  4. Sushiqueen says:

    I adore what you do here. So inspiring! Come back for more

  5. Gaye…I’m am SO thrilled to hear that feedback. They are certainly a conversation starter and incredible eye candy…(and belly candy too). *wink*

    Erica – I’m so excited to hear you are planning your wedding and will be incorporating these!!

    Sushiqueen…thank you for your sweet comments!! DO come back for more!!

  6. irenefranco says:

    love your website

  7. Chatie Bermas Ablong-Bongat says:


  8. Nicole says:

    Oh my gosh!!! I’m only 10 and I think everything she makes is beautiful and scrumptious!!!!!!:)