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Darling “Apple of Our Eye” Birthday Party

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Charlottes Apple Stand Dessert Table

This next party feature is just as sweet as apple pie! Not to mention apple cupcakes, apple cookies, apple cheesecake… you get the picture. ;)  Jenny from Bloom Designs created this clever “APPLE OF MY EYE” Birthday Party for her daughter Charlotte, and “ridiculously cute” would be an understatement!

I love how she incorporated traditional “apple party” elements like hay bales and baskets but gave the theme a fun twist with preppy patterns and a vibrant pink & green color palette. One of my favorite DIY elements has to be the hot pink paper lanterns that were transformed into darling “apples” with the addition of green paper “leaves”! Read on for all the super-sweet images + creative details…

Apple of my Eye Birthday Party Basket of Apples and T-Shirt

apple of my eye birthday party table setting

Charlottes Apple of My Eye Party Place Mat and Setting

Charlottes Apple of My Eye Party Cake and Cupcakes

Apple of My Eye Party Decoration

Charlottes Apple of My Eye Party Snacks

Apple of My Eye Party Dessert Table

Apple of My Eye Party with Three Tier Cake

Apple of My Eye Party Cupcake and Candy Apples

Charlottes Apple of My Eye Party Juices and Drinks

Charlottes Apple of My Eye Party Drinks and Favors


PARTY DETAILS, as told by Jenny…

I created this Apple of Our Eye party for my daughter, Charlotte’s, sixth birthday. I did not want the party to feel like a harvest so I incorporated crisp, modern printables and a preppy bright pink and apple green color scheme.

I wanted the focal point of the party to be an apple stand where the desserts would be displayed. I found a tutorial on how to make one on the blog, Lil Luna and decided to build it. I had the wood cut to size when I purchased it, so I basically just had to screw it together. My 10 year old daughter and her friend made the bunting for me using different hot pink and white fabrics. I had a local print shop cut a vinyl decal for the lettering. The farm stand and crates used for display were painted to match the pink on the invitation. I turned hot pink paper lanterns into apples and lined the edge of the yard with them.

When the little guests arrived for lunch, they untied their apple baskets from the backs of their chairs and dined on applewiches, harvest chips, mac ‘n cheese, apple sauce and of course a crisp green apple. They sipped on apple juice and lemonade served in glass jars. Each girl had an apple of our eye gumball tube at her place setting. To make the placemats, I simply made a document on word and then had it enlarged on thick glossy cardstock at my local printers

After lunch the girls did apple of my eye make up, made paper mache apples using left over fabric from the bunting and made apple necklaces. They also made their own mini apple pies in mason jars that we called, Charlie Pies- my daughter’s nickname.

The girls treated themselves at the farm stand, which was filled with apple cake pops, apple cupcakes, applejacks, and candy apples. There was also ice cream scooped in candy cup and shaped to look like apples complete with wooden stem or spoon. They also loved the M&M apples done in baking cups as well.

Party favors were apple of my eye t-shirts.

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24 responses to “Darling “Apple of Our Eye” Birthday Party”

  1. Every detail is so charming… truly unique and creative! Great job!

  2. I absolutely LOVE everything about this…delightful!

  3. Kelly Snelson says:

    OhMyGod so cute! Adding a leaf to everything round (lanterns, cupcakes, etc), totally made the theme. Very sweet.

  4. So much eye candy – love every last detail of this party!

  5. So adorable! I love the paper lantern apples!

  6. Stewardess says:

    What a beautiful theme.

  7. LOVE this! So fresh and pretty!

  8. Ellen says:

    so adorable! great job!

  9. Thank you so much Jenn for the amazing feature! I am so honored. And thanks to everyone for the sweet comments.

  10. Barbara stone says:

    How cute! Where did you get the drink jars from & what did you put in the jars?

  11. ninabean says:

    I would like 2 recreate the cones filled w/popcorn for my childs party. do you have a tutorial ? ty

    • Bloom Designs Online says:

      Hi Ninabean- They’re really just a square piece of paper rolled into a cone shape and secured with double sided tape.
      Thanks Jenny

  12. Jennifer Corn says:

    Does anyone know how you make custom stickers like she used?

  13. WOW! So beautiful! You put this together so well! What a lucky little girl! Thank you for sharing!

  14. amber says:

    Darling! Where did you get the fabric bunting hanging on the apple stand?

  15. Melissa says:

    This whole party is adorable! I was very inspired by the labels on the bottles at this party. I blogged about it here:
    Thank you for sharing it.

  16. Jackie says:

    what a beautiful party! We are absolutely thrilled with your theme and would love to recreate it for our baby shower! I know u mentioned you printed the placemats off a doc, any chance you know where to get this image, or a simliar one?? Thank you.

  17. Jessica Petre says:

    Super super cute!

  18. Gail Bevill says:

    Jennifer, you did a great job with this party theme. It is so well carried out. Of course, I may favor it since I own Green Apple Real Estate in League City, Texas. I really like the simplicity of the cake and the pink candied apples. Well done.

  19. Christina says:

    OMG!! This is amazing!! I’d love to do this for our daughter’s 1st birthday party especially since it’s in the prime of apple season (the end of September)! Any chance you want to recreate this for me . .lol . . or at least tell me as much detail as possible about how to pull this off . .where did you find all the stuff you used? And that giant stand/sign is amazing!! I’d really appreciate any info for can give . .feel free to email me [email protected]