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Clever “Countdown” Gender Reveal Party

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gender reveal party new years drinks and cupcakes

This elegant New Year’s Eve Gender Reveal Party by expectant mom Sarah of Indianapoluxe is absolutely stunning and timeless… and the “countdown” theme is actually relevant for this type of party – or even baby shower – all year round! I (Jessica Wilcox, Modern Moments Designs) recently threw my own gender reveal party and know how much time and effort goes into planning an event like this.

Gender Reveal parties are such a fun way for the couple-to-be, family, and friends to find out the big news together with a bang… and in this case I mean that literally! Sarah used colored fireworks (blue for a boy and pink for a girl) for the big reveal and it doesn’t get much bigger than that! 

gender reveal party water bottle decorations

To further personalize the party and pay homage to where it all began (the couple was vacationing in Italy when they found out that they were expecting), they included cannolis along with other yummy desserts in their dessert buffet. The handwritten chalk board signs used throughout are a great addition to this fabulous black & white party. Check out the excitement on the couple’s face before the big reveal. . . . (you’ll have to keep reading to see if it’s a girl or a boy because we’re not telling!)

Here we go with more BEAUTIFUL photos + party details. . .

gender reveal ultrasound photos

new years eve gender reveal countdown party

new years eve gender reveal party decoration with candles and peppermint

gender reveal new years countdown party clocks and couple

gender reveal party snack displays

gender reveal party sign and couple

gender reveal new years party dessert table and couple

gender reveal couple on new years eve at their party

new years eve gender reveal couple kissing and fire works

new years eve gender reveal party note


PARTY DETAILS, as told by Sarah…

I love the idea of a gender reveal party! I have known I wanted to do one since before I was pregnant so as soon as we found out we were expecting I began googling ideas.

I knew right away that I didn’t want to do the traditional half baby blue half baby pink theme that seems to be prevailing the gender reveal world these days, but I wasn’t sure what I DID want to do…

We found out that we would be receiving the big news the week between Christmas and New Years so we decided to have our party on New Years Eve! We went with the classic black/white/gold New Years theme with some wintery elements thrown in there too. I just LOVE how it turned out!

We decided that we wanted to wait and find out the news with everyone at our party. So, the sonogram technician wrote down the big secret and sealed it in a tiny envelope for us.

It was TORTURE not to rip that thing open for 2 days, but we did it and I’m sooooo glad!

The surprise was definitely worth it!

The decorations, photography, and food was all done by my sisters and I, with the exception of the cannolis. We found out we were expecting while vacationing in Italy so we had to have some authentic Italian cannolis. Ours were made by Cannoli Queen.

For the big reveal we decided to set off fireworks! We had bought both pink and blue fireworks and had them all ready down by the pond behind our house. There was a fuse to the blue ones labeled “boy” and a fuse for the pink ones labeled “girl”.

Everyone went outside and we handed the envelope to a friend of ours. He headed down to the pond in the dark, opened the envelope, read the results, and lit the right fuse.

Then we all had to wait to see what color they would be!!!!

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POSTED BY:Jessica W.JESSICA WILCOX of Modern Moments admits to being kept awake by new creative ideas.

17 responses to “Clever “Countdown” Gender Reveal Party”

  1. Denise DiGeronimo says:

    This was lovely!!! We have known Sarah wince she was a young teen, teaching piano and babysitting for us. What an amazing woman, wife, business person, and Mama-to-be she has become!!!

  2. Aimee says:

    Love the countdown and clock idea .amazingggg

  3. Jessica says:

    If that girl is 20 weeks pregnant she looks AMAZING!! Great ideas! Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a great idea. I really like the chalk board theme everywhere!

  5. amy says:

    What an amazing baby shower theme! So exciting for the guests! Such a cute couple too!

  6. Wow! That is just amazing!! I love how they waited to find out with all of their guests! The look on their faces is priceless as they were looking up into the sky for the big reveal!! And the party was just as classy as can be- great night for a black and white affair!
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  7. lauryn says:

    Love this, any pictures of what kind of invitation they used?

  8. Sarah Feeley says:

    I was curious what the invitation looked like… Love the theme of the party!

  9. brandee says:

    where did you get the custom made pink and blue fireworks? love but cant find!!

  10. Paige says:

    Where did you find your fireworks??

  11. Courtney says:

    Also curious where the fireworks came from, currently looking for some! :)

  12. Love to see a pic of the invite., adorable we'll done party!

  13. Sara says:

    I would also be curious to see a picture of the invite. Such a great party!

  14. Lisa says:

    Could you share where you purchased your fireworks?

  15. sharon says:

    i came up with idea of fireworks for the gender reveal a few weeks ago. i just love the idea. i have been on the phone all morning tring to find blue and pink fireworks wothout any luck.i have been told over and over they dont have pink and that i wont be able to find any. can you help by telling me where you found some that would be great

  16. Boliver says:

    Where did you get the pink and blue fireworks?

  17. fioreoey says:

    Nice baby shower party, the theme suit to baby boy congratulation! I think I’m gonna adapt those theme cause I like it very much.