DIY Tutorial: Marshmallow Sombreros & Sarapes

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cinco de mayo marshmallow cupcake toppers DIY tutorial

Why siesta when you can FIESTA! Hola amigos, it’s Alejandra Morin from The Marshmallow Studio, where we create custom marshmallow pops and designs. I’m thrilled to be here to share my very first post as a new guest contributor on HWTM. Today I’m sharing an easy, fun new way to decorate your Cinco de Mayo cupcakes – with marshmallows!


Ending a day full of salty margaritas and chips & salsa with a sweet dessert is a must. Delight your family and friends with these fluffy marshmallow sombrero and sarape toppers on your cupcakes which are sure to make them want to get up and do the Mexican hat dance in joy!

sombrero marshmallow toppers for cinco de mayo cupcakes

cinco de mayo cupcakes with marshmallow serape toppers



by Alejandra Morin
Makes: 6 Sombreros and 6 Sarapes


diy marshmallow toppers for cinco de mayo supplies

– 12 Frosted cupcakes ( I colored my frosting lime green to resemble margaritas)
– 2 Jumbo white marshmallows
– 6 Regular white marshmallows
– 6 Flat rectangle white marshmallows
– 2 Tablespoons Cornstarch
– Cup of water
– Stainless Steel Scissors (preferably two different sizes: 8” and 4”)
– Royal Icing (RI) in Piping Bags with Tips #1, #2 and #3. (frosting – like consistency)
– Soft Gel Paste Colorings to color the Royal Icing. (I used Americolor Very Black, Leaf Green, Super Red, Lemon Yellow, Turquoise, and Mint Green)



diy marshmallow toppers for cinco de mayo icing

1. Whip up your royal icing, separate it into individual containers to color it, bag it and set it aside

diy marshmallow toppers for cinco de mayo scissors 2. Dip scissors in water

diy marshmallow toppers for cinco de mayo tutorial step 1 3. Cut jumbo marshmallows crosswise in half then again to from 4 thin rounds. These will be for the bottom part of the sombrero

diy cinco de mayo marshmallow toppers step 2 4. Cut sides of regular marshmallows angled in starting from the bottom corner to almost the top center. Will form cone-like shapes. These will be for the top of the sombrero

diy tutorial for cinco de mayo sombrero marshmallow toppers 5. Spread a little cornstarch with finger tips on all sticky sides of the marshmallows until they feel smooth and dry

6. Pipe plenty of white RI on bottom surface of regular marshmallows and place on top of thin round jumbo marshmallows to form sombreros

diy marshmallow sombrero cupcake topper for cinco de mayo 7. Decorate sombreros with royal icing as you wish. Pictured suggestion using tip #2.

8. Let dry for 1 hour before handing



diy marshmallow serape topper for cinco de mayo

1. Dip tip of small scissors in water

2. Cut little slits all along shorter edges of the rectangle marshmallows to create ruffles for the ends of the sarape

diy marshmallow serape topper for cinco de mayo 3. Pipe vertical lines using all RI colors with tips #2 or #3 leaving the cut sides plain

4. Using black RI with tip #1 pipe a zigzag pattern connecting the last piped line and the cut marshmallow edge to look like stitching

5. Let dry for 1 hour before handling



If you’re like me and you always have to go that extra step, you can make a little Mexican Flag too using a flat rectangle marshmallow and the RI colors you already have. Insert a long toothpick through the center of the bottom left and display with your cupcakes.

diy marshmallow mexican flag topper for a cinco de mayo fiesta

diy marshmallow serapes and sombreros as cinco de mayo toppers

diy marshmallow cinco de mayo display tray of cupcake toppers

POSTED BY:AlejandraALEJANDRA MORIN of The Marshmallow Studio® is not a self-proclaimed culinary expert or cake decorator.

13 responses to “DIY Tutorial: Marshmallow Sombreros & Sarapes”

  1. Mariana says:

    Amazing stuff! my only complain. it’s spelled sarape and not serape… :D

  2. Christine says:

    LOVE this! Thank you so much for sharing your talents, these are so cute!

  3. Kelly says:

    These are seriously so ADORABLE! Thanks, Alejandra!

  4. Ecstatic to join the HWTM team and share my marshmallow creations with you all. Thank you for your sweet comments and hope you enjoy making these fun Cinco de Mayo marshmallows :)

  5. tonyablackstone-coleman says:

    LOVE that you are sharing your talent with us all! Thanks!!!

  6. Lisa M. says:

    These are so cute!!!!

  7. I love all the fine details on the marshmallows. Definitely going to have to take a lot of patience and a steady hand!

  8. Araceli Falcon says:

    Very nice and creative =).

  9. Cute! But where do you get the flat rectangle marshmallows?

  10. Melissa says:

    How far in advance can Imake these marshmallow toppers if I wanted to use them for a Saturday party? What’s the best way to store them especially in a house without a/c in the dead of summer? Will they keep in the fridge?

  11. Fay Cardiff says:

    Very interesting would like to see your cup and saucer marshmallow

  12. elaine says:

    what did you use on the rim of the margarits glasses. i luv this theme. thinking of using it for my dad’s 90th birthday since he has been a mexican hat dancer for at least 60 yrs

  13. Kim says:

    Awesome ideas!!!