Magical “Neverland-Inspired” Pirate Birthday Party

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neverland pirate birthday party with pirate cake and pirate straw flags

A Pirate Birthday Party…. with a Neverland twist! As a huge fan of Jackie Culmer‘s style already, it’s not the least bit surprising that the latest party she dreamed up is wonderfully creative and full of imagination! {Check out some of her other work here and here.}

As Jackie explains below, “The feeling of the party was to be vintage, classic storybook, with the feeling that we were going away to Neverland.Mission accomplished! I love how each table was named for a place in Neverland, and how guests were greeted with a “pathway” of glittered stars – or “pixie dust“. And from framed modern silhouettes of fairies and crocodiles to fabulous personalized Root Beer labels, custom straw flags, and more – there’s some serious style in these paper details! Speaking of paper details… you can download a free printable of the cute pirate sail cupcake toppers right here. :)

neverland inspired first birthday party sign to entrance with stars on the ground

neverland inspired first birthday party root beer and costumes

neverland inspired first birthday party dessert table

vintage burlap banner garland and orchid flower garlands

neverland inspired first birthday party simple table centerpieces and cupcake label toppers

neverland inspired first birthday party picture frames and peter pan books. Table centerpieces with netting and gold coins for captin hook

neverland inspired first birthday party table centerpieces of indian mountain and mermaid lagoon

neverland inspired first birthday party pirate ship booty chips and peter pan and tinker bell. The birthday boy is riding the pirate ship.

neverland inspired first birthday party table centerpiece and root beer

neverland inspired first birthday party activities including painting and balloons and costumes

neverland inspired first birthday party map of neverland over coconut and red velvet cupcakes

neverland inspired first birthday party striped straws, ducks and graphic designs

neverland inspired first birthday party cake

neverland inspired first birthday party favors

neverland inspired first birthday party family

neverland inspired first birthday party sign


PARTY DETAILS, as told by Jackie

My client wanted a pirate themed first birthday, and I had been watching Disney’s Peter Pan and Jake and the Neverland Pirates lately with my own daughter and decided to put a Neverland twist to the pirate theme. The feeling of the party was to be vintage, classic storybook, with the feeling that we were going away to Neverland.

The invitation was designed to look like an old book , and the inside included a vintage map of London as a background to the text inviting guests to fly away to Neverland with the birthday boy who had decided he did not want to grow up on his first birthday!

Welcoming the guests to the party was a pathway of glittered stars (an idea taken from Martha mimicking a trail of pixie dust. I designed a custom welcome poster and changed up one of the lines from the book, “To die is an awfully big adventure.” to “To turn one is an awfully big adventure. Each table was covered in a rustic linen cloth and named for a places in Neverland: The Jolly Roger, Pixie Hollow, Skull Rock, Mermaid Lagoon, Indian Mountain, and Crocodile Creek. I designed each table sign to look like the beginning of a chapter in the book.

The cake/cupcake favor table was to be “Captain Hook’s desk”…we had an old lantern with some pixie dust trails where Hook had locked Tinkerbell up, the map of Neverland with Tinkerbell’s footprints leading to Peter Pan’s hideout, and Treasure Chest, and various other pirate objects strewn about. The backdrop was also inspired by a backdrop BLHDN, but I instructed my client to make her own with a tutorial from the Ruffled Blog. Guests were served amazing food from the gourmet Kogi Food truck (as the family is Korean), and younger guests had fun playing in a pirate ship from ShinDigz, dressing up in pirate hats and eye patches, fairy wings, and wands, and visiting the balloon and face paint artist. Along with DVD’s of the live actions Peter Pan film, guests were treated to “Jolly Roger cupcakes.” In order to fly home with your cupcake, we provided guests with their own “pixie dust” (sanding sugars) to sprinkle.

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16 responses to “Magical “Neverland-Inspired” Pirate Birthday Party”

  1. Trish says:

    I am in LOVE with this party! Froo-froo parties are great, but it’s a nice change when one is a little less pink and ruffly and little more boy-ish :)

  2. Thank you for the post Jenn! I had so much fun designing this one and big thanks to my client who was so amazing to let me run free with the designs and followed my vision beautifully. Always so proud to be featured by Hostess with the Mostess!!!

  3. Beautiful party! The subtle use of Tinkerbell and the flower backdrop is just enough to make it perfect for a joint girl-boy birthday party, too.

  4. I adore this idea for a birthday party! It seems like there were fun activities and yummy treats for the kids and fabulous design touches for adults to enjoy! I’m sold!

  5. I’m in love with this party!!!! What a great job, all the creative details are so inspiring!!!

  6. Deliene Alvarenga says:

    First of all, this boy is so, so cute!!
    And it´s so beautiful, I love that flowers, … everything is wonderful!

    Deliene Alvarenga

  7. June says:

    Reminds me of an earlier HWTM post, Finding Neverland inspired birthday party.

  8. Amy Lynn says:

    Where did you get the straw flags? I’m throwing a grown-up pirate themed party for my husband’s 30th birthday (long story, but hey! what adult doesn’t love an excuse to wear an eye-patch and a mustache).

  9. Savannah says:

    My son is turning 3 in a few months and has been OBSESSED with Disney’s Peter Pan since he was a baby! (More so, Cptn. Hook & his pirates!) I wish I had the means to recreate this party for him. What a wonderful job you have done.

  10. Wyleshia Joseph says:

    hello I throwing my son a birthday party and his theme is Jake and the neverland pirates. I was try to see where you got your ship from? You can email me at [email protected] Thank you.

  11. Hannah Nguyen says:

    hi there. my niece's pirates and fairies party is on Feb 9, but we still don't know how to get the paper/printed goods. would you be willing to share your printed/printables? :) and how much do you think it would be? thanks so much for your help in advance! – hannah ([email protected]).

  12. Vivian lee says:

    HI, I absolutely love the entire theme for the dohl! So classy and so fun! If you still have the decorations and are looking to sell them, I am very interested in buying it from you. Or If you prefer, I can rent them from you. If you no longer have them, would you be able to direct me as to where I can purchase some of the items? Thank you so much.

  13. Cathy Ulsh says:

    Love this!! My son turns one in August and I’d love to use this theme! Can I ask where the signage comes from? I am having a difficult time looking for an authentic looking Neverland map as well as the silhouettes. Could you direct me in where they come from or if I could buy them from you? Thank you so much!

  14. Sheetal Siwach says:

    hi, this is awesome! could you pls let me know how you did custom welcome poster? all things needed and where to get them? my email [email protected] TIA

  15. OMG this might be the cutest pirate party I've ever seen! Thanks so much for sharing with all of us!