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Creative & Unique “Easter Bunny Pirate Party”

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pirate bunny easter party telescopes and drinks

New twists on traditional holidays are always fun, and this Easter Bunny PIRATE Party from Cio Prints is definitely a new combination – at least in my book! The “pirate” angle was inspired by the popular “hunting for treasure-filled eggs” Easter activity – which is exactly what pirates do… well, the hunting for treasure part at least. ;) There are so many creative ideas in here for regular pirate parties too – from the super cool DIY ship sail backdrop to the sword “banner” and more!

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

– Clever treats like popcorn “barnacles”, & “scurvy prevention” orange candy slices
– Cool striped spy glass telescopes
– Treasure maps with “The Infernos of Fire” & “The Land of Bath”
– Fun outdoor activities like a cannon ball (water balloon) toss!

pirate bunny easter party ideas

easter pirate bunny party treasure map

easter pirate bunny party red rum drink label

easter pirate bunny party with sweets and labels

easter pirate bunny party ship sail backdrop

easter pirate bunny party treasure chest and bags

easter pirate bunny party outdoor games

easter pirate bunny party outdoor easter egg hunt

easter pirate bunny party ring pops


PARTY DETAILS, as told by Jennifer

This year we wanted to do something out of the box for Easter, not just another bunny or chick theme. We thought about all of the elements bunnies, eggs, jelly beans, chicks, and then it occurred to us… Kids love to “hunt” for eggs so why don’t we do a pirate theme since they hunt for treasure. To bring bunnies back into play we married the two and did bunny pirates! Since we’re getting away from tradition and by the book elements, pastels were out of the question. Instead we used traditional pirate colors red, black, brown and white. We made a sail with the bunny pirate skull out of fabric, paint and pvc pipes.

The treats on the table included popcorn which represented barnacles, grape gumballs for cannonballs, rootbeer barrell candy, bottles of cream soda and black cherry soda symbolized every pirates favorite drink, rum. To prevent scurvy we had orange gummy slices and every pirate needs jewels even if they are ring pops. There were also tiny treasure chests filled with gold and silver hershey bars and rolos to represent gold dablooms and silver and gold bars. As fun basket fillers I made a bunny pirate activity and coloring book with matching crayons. The books were filled with fun pirate facts, coloring pages, and activities. There was even a section for creating your own pirate name. The kids really got excited with this part aft