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Get the most out of your Printables! {+ Pop Star Party}

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pop star party

Tonya Coleman here from Soireé Event Design, and I’m back with another “Budget Chic” guest post where I share with you my tips on how you can have a Fabulous high-end looking event for less!  Today’s post is all about how to get the most bang for your buck when using Personalized Printables. Here I created a Pop Star Party using my “POP-arazzi” design collection!

I’m sure you’ve all seen printables used as cupcake toppers, signs, tent cards, etc… so, my mission is to show you a few out-of-the-box ways to use what’s included in your DIY printable package to create high-end looking custom items that you may not have thought of previously.

look for less party printables

Here I’m going to show you how I use my own “POP-arazzi” design collection for a pop star party theme to give you ideas on how to use one DIY (Do-It-Yourself) printables package that retails for $75 to create multiple high-end looking custom decor items at a fraction of the cost of buying these same items from a retail shop.

TIP: The DIY option means just that! Which means you will need to purchase supplies if you don’t already have them to assemble the items as well as have them printed.  DO NOT attempt to print these on your home printers!  You will run out of ink way too fast and add unneeded expenses.  The DIY option is supposed to be economical, right?  The price of printing them at your local copy shop is between $1-$2 per sheet, so this is the way to go.

Use your printables to create a Backstage Pass Invitation!

Most printable packages come with a 5×7 digital file you can have customized with your event’s information, your child’s name, age, etc.  For that extra wow factor and to really accentuate the Pop Star theme, request a smaller sized invitation and place them inside plastic sleeves and attach a lanyard to them for instant VIP Backstage passes for each guest!  They are easy to mail and the girls feel like VIPs when they receive them!  They can also wear them to the party and trust me they will!

look for less party printables purple

Here’s what you’ll need:
– Plastic sleeves (Staples) $1.39 ea
– Lanyards (Staples) $1.00 ea
– Printing (Staples) $.25 ea
– VIP pass printable

“Budget Chic” Backstage Pass Invitation:  $24 for 8 passes
Compared to retail shop:  $99 (minimum order: 25)

Use your printables to create a Step & Repeat Banner!

Pop Star red carpet arrivals are a must!  Here’s my trick to pulling off a Step & Repeat Banner for a fraction of the cost of an actual vinyl one.  One of my vendors actually showed me this trick and I thought it was genius, so I’m sharing it with you!  To create your own banner, start with a plain white flat bed sheet and then from your printables package, you will print several of the party logos on iron-on transfer paper!  Then place them on your sheet at varying spots and voila!  You have a “Budget Chic” red carpet arrival!

pop star paparazzi party printables - backstage passes

TIP:  You will have to print these at home.  Most copy shops will not print on iron-on transfer paper.  You will need a total of 25 logos and to get the best look, print two different designs.  For our “POP-arazzi” step and repeat, we used 9 of our circle logos (5″x5″) which you can print 2 to a sheet and 16 of the script logo (10″ wide) that you can print 1 to a sheet. Both sizes are included in our Printables Package.

Here’s what you’ll need:
– White flat sheet $13 Target
– 20 sheets of light fabric iron-on transfers $26 Amazon  (2) 12 packs @ $13 each
– 5″ party logo (circle design)
– 10″ wide script logo

“Budget Chic” Step & Repeat Banner: $40
Compared to retail shop:  $175 (8’x4′)

Use your printables to create Personalized Custom T-shirts!

For an extra special touch, print your party logo on a plain tshirt for the birthday girl to wear on her special day!  I actually print a shirt for each of the guests personalized with each of their names as a take-home favor and have all the girls wear them to the party.  I always do the birthday girl’s shirt a different color so she stands out!

look for less party printables on shirts

Here’s what you’ll need:
– Plain t-shirt $3 Walmart
– Dark fabric iron-on transfer $3 Staples (minimum of 5 in a pack)
– 5″ party logo printable (for older girls)
– 3″ party logo printable (for younger girls)

“Budget Chic” Tshirt: $6
Compared to retail shop: $20

TIP:  Michaels and Walmart are great sources for inexpensive plain t-shirts.  Buy them ahead of time using the infamous 40% off coupons for Michaels.  Use the 5″ party circles for older girl tshirts or the 3″ party circles for smaller kids.  Since the transfer pack comes with 5 sheets, you can print 2 logos per sheet and get 10 transfers from one pack!  Go ahead and do a shirt for all the guests OR iron on the transfers to fabric favor bags to achieve a cool high-end look!

Use your printables to create an Autograph Board & Records!

Included in our “POP-arazzi” collection is a 9×12 poster art that we use to create a border print with a thick white border where all the guests can sign it and write a personal message to the birthday girl!  I then take the 3″ circle personalized with each guests’ name adhere it to a plain black round piece of paper to make the round records and have the girls go around and autograph each other’s records that doubles as a take-home favor and activity!

look for less party printables as art

TIP:  Be sure to use a Sharpie marker for the Autograph Board and a silver metallic Sharpie for the black records!  The Autograph Board is mounted on foam core all done by Staples and is super light-weight for the birthday girl to display in her room after the event is over.  What a great, inexpensive keepsake!

Here’s what you’ll need:
– 6″ round black card stock $5 Staples (10/pack)
– 9×12 poster printable $10 Staples Copy & Print
– 2.5″ party logo printable

“Budget Chic” Autograph Board & Records: $15
Compared to retail shop: $25 (13×19) Autograph Board only!

Use your printables to create custom Table Decor!

Create cool Lolli-tag™ bouquets on your tables to bring in the theme.  To do these you will use the 3″ and the 2.5″ circle designs that are included in the DIY package.

look for less party printables as a centerpiece

TIP:  To keep budget in control and to allow a blank canvas to embellish, I use Blumeboxes to hold the Lolli-tag™ bouquets and use a ribbon that coordinates with the printables to tie it all together!

Here’s what you’ll need:
– Blumebox 8″ $4.50
– Sequin ribbon $3 JoAnn Fabrics
– Card stock paper $2 Michaels
– Rhinestones $3 Walmart (1 pack of 60)
– Wood or plastic dowels $.50 Michaels

“Budget Chic” Lolli-Tag™ bouquets: $13
These cannot be purchased in stores as they are a completely hand-made item

 Use your printables to create Custom Plates!

Look like a ROCK STAR by creating the look of custom plates!  I do this a lot and the guests are always amazed!  Included in the design package are plate inlays that you lay on a colored plate and then top that colored plate with the same exact size and style clear plate.  The kids eat on the clear plate and the inlay shows through giving the look of custom printed plates!

look for less party printables decoration

TIP:  I use the 10 3/4″ dinner plates from Party City to achieve this look for the plates with a 6″ square inlay that fits perfectly!  For another look, ask to have your plate inlays customized with each guest’s name so the plates can also be used as place cards AND take home favors!  You can do this same thing with dessert plates, lunch plates or even round plates.  To add even more high-end fabulousness use a plastic silver charger under the plate!

Here’s what you’ll need:
– Plastic colored plate $1 $10 for pack of 10 Party City
– Clear plate $1 $10 for pack of 10 Party City
– Plastic silver charger $3 $24 for pack of 8 Party City
– Plate inlay 6″ printable

“Budget Chic” Custom Plates: $5 each
Compared to retail shop: $25 each

Use your printables to create custom Favors!

One of my go-to “Budget Chic” uses for printables is taking plain items and personalizing & customizing them with the event logo or event artwork with guests’ names to look as if I spent a fortune on favors that were custom created just for my event.

Below you can see how by simply adding a 2.5″ party logo label to a plain favor item instantly elevates it to a high-end look.

look for less party printables on favors

Here’s what you’ll need:
– Glitter notebooks $1 Michaels
– Glitter takeout boxes $1 Michaels
– 2.5″ circle party logo

“Budget Chic” Custom Notebooks & Favor Boxes: $1 each
Compared to retail shop: $12.95 for a custom printed notebook

Use your printables to create custom Music CD Covers & Buttons!

Here we used the cd cover inlay printable to create custom music cds.  You just burn the birthday girl’s favorite pop songs on to the cd, slip in the custom cover and you have your very own custom “POP-arazzi” cd!

Next I used a circle printable party design to create custom buttons!  Pin them on to a plain denim purse and you have a custom favor bag!

look for less party printables used to decorate

Here’s what you’ll need for the CD’s:
– CD slim jewel cases & cps $1.20 Staples ($12 for a pack of 10)
– CD cover inlay printable

“Budget Chic” Custom CD: $1.20 each
Most online retailers sell these at a minimum quantity of 100!  Printables is definitely the way to go!

Here’s what you’ll need for the buttons:
– Button holder $.42 Michaels ($5 for a pack of 12)
– 2.25″ circle party logo

“Budget Chic” Custom Button: $.42 each
Compared to retail shop: $2.45 for a custom printed button

Check out how you can even customize a craft!  The girls will color and embellish a “POP-arazzi” guitar just by adding a circle logo to the plain craft!

I hope I have inspired you to think outside the box when it comes to using Party Printables to pull off a high end look for less!  I will be hosting a real “POP-arazzi” slumber party for my daughter and 8 of her friends coming up next month and will share pictures so you can see these ideas & more “in action!”   You can purchase your own “POP-arazzi” design collection from our shop which will be opening in June.  In honor of our “Printables Look for Less” post here, we are offering our “POP-arazzi” DIY collection NOW at a Pre-Grand Opening price of $50 (reg. $75).  If interested, click here for full package details.

What was your favorite “Budget Chic” Printable idea shown here?  I’d love to know… leave a comment below.



– “POP-arazzi” Printables Collection: Soireé Event Design

POSTED BY:tonyaTONYA COLEMAN is a busy mother of 4 that ”LOVE LOVE LOVES” design & events! She has more than 10 years of experience in the entertainment business with a very successful graphic design studio & has been designing events for the past 5 years.

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      Thanks Veila! This”Look for Less” column is so much fun to do!

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    You never cease to WOW me!

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    I love it! All of it so fun and colorful. I love the idea with the sheets!
    I found cheaper sheets at Walmart though. For a full size it’s about $10.
    Twin size flat sheets are $5 :)

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      Thx! I did this craft with 100+ Girl Scouts last year and it was AMAZING to see so many different ways they decorated their guitars! No one was the same!

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    My favorite is the clear plate trick! Amazing how many projects came out of a few printables!

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      Thanks Mindy! You MUST try this! The looks on the girl’s faces when they sit down and see their names on the plates! TOTAL ROCK STAR MOMENT!

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      Thanks Sharon! Yes, my daughters were MORE than willing to model for me. Total divas! They think they’re famous now!

  9. Sharon says:

    Tonya, this was soo easy to follow, “get this, do that..” I just love the way you’ve made this so easy to follow. This party Rocks! Too Cute, and the girls in the post are adorable..Great TIPS! Can’t wait to see the pictures from your daughter’s POP-arazzi party!

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