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{Elmo & Dorothy} Sesame Street Birthday Party

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elmo cupcakes with sesame stree sign cupcake toppers

When it comes to a toddler’s birthday party, you can’t go wrong with coloring activities, Elmo shaped pizza & outdoor fun! Jennifer J Designs designed the paperie for this playful {Elmo & Dorothy} Sesame Street Birthday Party, which was appropriately held on “Caprice Street”.

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Chalk drawings, just like on the tv show!
  • Goldfish topped cupcakes + Dorothy’s (blue) juice
  • Elmo birthday girl dress & matching party hat
  • Fruit and veggie platters shaped like sesame street characters! :)

oscar the grouch veggie platter for a sesame street backyard party

dorothy fish bowl for a sesame street party

sesame street birthday party welcome sign

elmo & dorothy birthday party invitation

sesame street theme outdoor party decorations

big bird and cookie monster snack labels

sesame street dessert table

sesame street party pizza and juice

sesame street coloring activity and red polka dot covered tables

elmo sesame street playtime

elmo birthday party

elmo face painting party activitiy

elmo birthday cake and hat


PARTY DETAILS, as told by Jennifer

Almost every 2 year old loves Elmo…. especially little sweet Caprice! Just as she loves Elmo, she has a a fascination with Dorothy the fish! We emphasized her love for “dorthy” (as she calls her) with “Dorthy juice” and fish bowls full of blue jello and Swedish fish. We had signs throughout the party will quesions like…” has anyone seen Dorthy!” or common dialog used in Sesame Street. The setting was at her grandmothers house which has a beautiful park perfect for the Sesame Street gang to come hang out. The pavement was colored in childrens art as if you just walked onto the set with Big Bird, Elmo and and the whole gang. Since it was a 2 year olds birthday we kept to elmo pizzas and “Piggies in a Blanket”. The fruit and veggie trays were even shaped as characters. Every child took home an Elmo themed cookie and bubbles that were customized with matching labels to the theme of the party.

The best part of this party was the wonderful spirit everyone brought by rocking there sesame street gear! Half the attendees including the beautiful birthday girl with her apron dress shaped as elmo dressed to represent the occasion. Dad had sesame street slippers and a shirt while mom wore a vintage inspired Elmo tee with bright red lips and a big red bow! Not only did the kids have fun at this part but the adults were reminded how to get to “Caprice Street” !

A note from Brooke Brumback (mother)…
My daughter is absolutely obsessed with elmo and his goldfish Dorothy too. after my husband surprised her for christmas with a fish bowl with her own real life dorothy and the rest of the gang in the fish bowl and some cute and pink and purple rocks to add to her girlyness, Caprice was sold and hooked, fish hook sinker and all! it was only obvious to have an elmo theme 2nd birthday party. we also couldn’t resist continuing with the theme and took her to a live musical elmo show the next day on her actually birthday! I myself am a huge elmo lover and had a great time planning her birthday party!

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11 responses to “{Elmo & Dorothy} Sesame Street Birthday Party”

  1. Ava Clarksen says:

    You spelled Dorothy incorrectly on all of the print outs and in your post. It's not Dorthy.

    • jenn s. says:

      Hi Ava – You are correct about the spelling – but I think the printables were modeled after how little Caprice actually pronounces “Dorothy” because it is spelled correctly on the invitation. I updated Jennifer’s party details with that note. :)

    • Heather Unrath says:

      How rude! This was a beautiful party, and she did a great job.

  2. This is perfect! Love the theme and love the birthday girls outfit. Very fitting.

  3. Vonetta Smith says:

    Wanted to know here you got the invitation and the sign for the face painting station and other stations

  4. Caprice says:

    Love the them and I especially love the name because my name is also Caprice and it’s spelled the exact same way!!!! Lol! Love it!

  5. Debbie says:

    Everything is beautiful. Can you please tell me where you got the print out signs, loot bag pics of big bird and cookie, the happy birthday sign and also the invitation? my little girl is in love with elmo and friends and would love to do this for her 2nd birthday party in October.

  6. Jessica says:

    Hello, I Love the party it looks AMAZING! && who cares how Dorthy is spelt:) I was just wondering where or how to get the signs on the tables like sweets and treats etc. my daughters birthday is coming up she will be 2 and is absolutely obsessed with Elmo and Dorthy:)

  7. Barbei says:

    Love it! Where can I get this theme my daughter Golden Birthday October 2nd would love these

  8. Khloes mama says:

    This party is darling! Where in the world can I find all the printouts?