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Silly & SCARY Monster Halloween Bash

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monster halloween party candy buffet

This kid friendly Monster Halloween Bash by Jamee of Setting the Mood pairs silly monsters with scary ones! Between the creepy eyeballs peering out from every corner to the colorful fun nature there is a whole spectrum of inspiration here… googly eye & tail chair back decoration (doubling as fun costumes for the kids to wear), colorful vampire teeth, crazy monster straws & more!

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Adorable fuzzy monster kids table (with a tail & paws peeking out!)
  • Super scary monster face cupcakes
  • Ping pong paddles with monster mouths and eyeballs
  • Giant foamcore blue cyclops “Monster Treats” candy buffet backdrop + “candy” garland

kids halloween monster party with monster tablescape

scary blue monster candy buffet backdrop

monster party favors and monster plushies

scary monster cupcakes

monster themed kids table

halloween monster party decorations

monster face cupcake

kids halloween party snacks and drinks


PARTY DETAILS, as told by Jamee

This is a kid friendly Halloween party with a trinkets and treats buffet. We chose the theme monsters in vibrant colors: Orange, Lime Green and Turquoise.

The kids tablesetting had floor length linen with a fuzzy blanket topper to mimic monster fur. At the  legs of each table we purchased fuzzy slippers and added monster nails so that it looked like the monster was a part of the table. We created giant eyeballs to hang on the back of the chairs using the oversized plastic gumball vending containers and a foam bowl. We sprinkled googlie eyes on the fuzzy topper and stacked cake pops on a popsicle holder at each place setting. We also clipped monster tails on the backs of each chairs for the kids to wear.

The trinket and treat buffet was clothed in black linen so that all of the brightly colored elements would “pop.”  We created a wrapped candy garland for the front of the table using styrofoam balls and colored cellophane for the wrapper. The backdrop was a giant one eyed blue monster. This was created out of foamcore and the eye was the same application as on the chairs. The eyelashes were purchased on eBay and their original use was for car headlights. Some features of the buffet were scrap paper cones filled with flavored popcorn, sitting in wire ice cream cone holders. Monster face cupcakes were perched on a long candle holders that we painted orange. We used store bought pillar holders that had monster feet and topped it with a clear glass filled with sixletes and eyeball lollies. We found Jelly Belly Sodas in matching colors and topped the bottle caps with eyeballs. The ceramic monster heads came from Target and we filled the mouths with yummy candy. Some of the trinkets on the buffet were mini paddle (eye)balls, monster teeth, monster finger puppets, bouncy balls and monster straws.

Vendor Credit
  • Styling and Design:  Jamee Bryant of Setting the Mood
  • Photography: Rachel Richard Photography
  • Fuzzy Blanket Topper, Fuzzy Slippers: Wal-Mart
  • Cupcakes, Ceramic Monster Heads, Trinkets, Candy: Target
  • Monster Feet Pillar Holders & Monster Cupcake Edible Décor: Michaels
  • Jelly Belly Sodas: Menards
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POSTED BY:jenn s.JENNIFER SBRANTI is the Founder and Creative Director of Hostess with the Mostess®, a hip and modern party planning resource.

12 responses to “Silly & SCARY Monster Halloween Bash”

  1. Jennifer Neal Coons says:

    Ok- this is adorable! Such a break from the traditional orange and black. Feeling inspired!

  2. Susan says:

    She is amazingly talented! I adore everything she creates!

  3. Sebastian Smith says:

    She is really talented. I’m going to have to agree with Jennifer’s & Susan’s comments. It really is refreshing!

  4. Stunning! Congratulation!

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  6. Super cute!! All the details are adorable!!

  7. I love it when Jamee has new parties to share!!

  8. Gini Garcia says:

    Love it!

  9. venesha says:

    I hope you see this. I was wondering what size foam core did you use for the candy table monster?

  10. Kate Elaine says:

    Jennifer, I love everything you have done with this party! I am trying to throw a 1st birthday party for my little boy with the monster them! I see that you got the monster pillar feet and ceramic dishes from target and michaels. I tried to find online but can't find anywhere. I want these so badly for his party!!!

  11. Shanair says:

    How can u get the decorations for this party theme ☺️☺️