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Adorable Pink & Blue Magic Party

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magic bunny coming out of a hat cake

Abracadabra… Bridget magically turned 8! For her birthday, mom Margit Foley of Dot & Dash created a Pink & Blue Magic Party! Wands, potions cards and adorable bunnies in hats are just a few of the tricks up her sleeve!

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Magic Card Cupcakes by Love & Sugar Kisses and Bunny Magic Hat Cake
  • Magic Wands and Headbands with Mini Hats {+ an “8” rosette pin for the birthday girl!}
  • Magic Show by David Hall + “Puff of Smoke” Cotton Candy
  • “Take Some Magical Gear Before You Disappear” Bunny Doll, Candy and Card Favors

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magic potion drink

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magic wreath

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bunny pillow

magic party sign

magic wands

magic party kids tablescape ideas

magic party

magic party dessert ideas

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PARTY DETAILS, as told by Margit

My daughter, Bridget, has wanted a magician at her birthday party for quite some time and we decided this was the year to do it. I wanted the party to be entertaining and spunky to reflect two of the best qualities that Bridget and her friends have. Staring with the invitation bright blue, pink and black set the tone to make this magical celebration girl.

When the guests arrived they were greeted by a sign that said “Get you magic on” and were able to take a magic wand and a headband with a mini top hat attached. The girls adored the mini to hats which made all the time put into making them completely worth it!

They were able to visit the dessert table before the show began which featured lots of fun treats to enjoy like popcorn, cookies, chocolate covered marshmallows, Cotton Candy (a puff of smoke) as well as the amazing cake (by cakewish) and cupcakes (toppers by Love & Sugar kisses) which were served later on.

The magician, David Hall, was a show stopper. The girls were amazed and impressed. Even my husband and I are still stumped by a few of the tricks! The grand finale was a magic carpet ride for Bridget which I don’t think she will ever forget.

After the show they dined on magicroni and cheese and magic wands (grapes on lolly pop sticks) as well as magic potion # 8 (pink lemonade) followed by their choice of cake or cupcakes. The table included 3 large magic wand centerpieces that I made by cutting down the cardboard rolls that bolts of fabric are sold on. Those were simply painted black and wrapped with white card stock on either end.

Each girl received a small plush bunny, a deck of mini playing cards and hersey kisses as favors to take home as well as the hats and wands they had been given when they arrived.

This was a perfect party for Bridget and I am sure we will have David back soon for our other children’s parties.

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6 responses to “Adorable Pink & Blue Magic Party”

  1. @PartyBlowout says:

    Adorable Pink & Blue Magic Party

  2. Margit Foley says:

    Thank you so much for the feature – we loved every minute of planning and hosting this party. It could not have been more fun!

  3. GML says:

    Makes me want to have an 8th party with all the bash things!

  4. erika says:

    How did you make the adorable headbands??