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Photography Tips: Taking Gorgeous Event Pictures

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beautiful photography tips
So who here likes to party? I already know its you, because here at Hostess With The Mostess, we’re all about amazingly beautiful parties! Hi, it’s me, Jen Hrycyk, your resident photographer. Today I want to give you a few tips for Taking GORGEOUS Photos at your GORGEOUS events!

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By: Jen Hrycyk

You’ve put endless hours into planning every last detail of your event. You’ve found the perfect cake, created the most incredible dessert table, and your little one has the best birthday outfit ever. Phew, now you can rest.

BUT WAIT!! Take pictures of it all first!  I’ve had a lot of experience taking pictures at your gorgeous parties (which you can see a few of them right here). So I’m excited to share a few simple steps that will help you capture your perfect party forever!


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Before your lovely guests arrive, make the time to go around and take pictures of every detail from your party. This is the only time that everything will still be perfectly in tact. So capture it before your guests are there to enjoy your hard work! Be sure to include pictures of your food & dessert tables, centerpieces, party favors, and your invite.


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Whether its their first birthday cake smash, them playing games, or opening gifts, be ready with your camera. These moments only come once and then they’re gone. So consider making a timeline for your party, and have your camera ready at these designated time frames.


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I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but when you ask a lot of kids to take their picture, they say no. So you have to catch them from afar, in their natural state. Take a step back and capture them from a distance, when they’re not looking. Those will give you true to the moment pictures. They can’t run from you or fake a cheesy style. Try to capture their personal moments, just being a kid!


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The most important part of your day is your family. And I bet you have many events that you can’t find one picture of you all together. Its easy to forget, on such a busy day. So ask someone (ahead of time) to make sure to get a picture of you WITH your family. Trust me, those are the images you’ll want on your walls for years to come!


I know your event will turn out absolutely perfect. Even if you’re not able to have a professional like me, there to capture everything for you, doesn’t mean you can’t have gorgeous pictures. Hopefully these tips will help you capture your next event, to a tee!

POSTED BY:JenCykJEN HRYCYK of Jen CYK Photography® is a lover of all things happy, beautiful, positive, and inspirational.

15 responses to “Photography Tips: Taking Gorgeous Event Pictures”

  1. @PartyBlowout says:

    Photography Tips: Taking Gorgeous Event Pictures

  2. I love taking pictures beforehand. Because sometimes you get so wrapped up in the party you forget to take any during.

  3. Monica says:

    Great tips! Natural, organic photos of the littles always turn out best! And I have to work at actually being in some photos too! Thanks for sharing.

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  6. Tickled Pink says:

    Thanks so much for very useful tips – I recently did and “event” – my daughters first birthday! We did actually do some of the tips, but forgot the family picture, unfortunately. But – next time I’ll remember since I know have read your article:)

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  8. Awesome tips, thank you! I’d also recommend that if you’re running the party, and can afford it, hire a photographer instead. We found someone relatively inexpensive who wanted to build his event portfolio and it was well worth it so I could focus on the party and having fun.

  9. Rusty Solomon says:

    Great tips ,Natural photos of the little baby’s always turn out best photos.I would like to take photos. Thanks for sharing clicks.

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  11. Tara says:

    I absolutely agree with all of this! Your photos are all so pretty – I can’t wait to upgrade my current camera!

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  13. Great work Jen, you make some valid points and i love the way you’ve clicked those pictures. Really captures the essence and joy of the event.

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