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Rainbow Bubblegum Themed Birthday Party

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Rainbow Gumball Birthday Cake

Rainbows, gum balls and all things sweet! This Rainbow Bubblegum Themed Birthday Party by Jo Anne of oh goodie designs is absolutely POPPING with bright & clever ideas! From colorful bubblegum filled dessert trays to the amazing mini gum ball cupcake toppers by Edible Details, this party is so cute I could burst!

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Bubblegum filled acrylic dessert trays + gum ball garland chair backs
  • “I Chew-s You” bubblegum party favors, pink polka dot balloons & bubble gum machine banner
  • Mini gum ball machine cupcake toppers & rainbow chevron party invitation
  • Confetti cake pops with gum ball topped sticks, gum ball necklaces

Gumball Art Party Activity

Bubblegum Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Rainbow Party Sign

Rainbow Polka Dot Gumball Birthday

Bubblegum Bubble Favors

Bubblegum Garland Chair Back

Gumball Dessert Trays Rainbow Happy Birthday Banner

Rainbow Bubblegum Birthday Party

Bubblegum Party Guessing Game

Gumball Machine Cupcake Toppers

"I Chew-s You" Bubblegum Party Favors


PARTY DETAILS, as told by Jo Anne

The bright and colorful birthday party is perfect for celebrating your special day. The bubblegum mix color pallet is easily done for a boy or a girl. At our party we used lots of bubblegum pink but easily done in bubblegum blue accents for a boy.

I chose the bubblegum theme because I wanted a cheerful and colorful event. It doesn’t get more colorful than a box of bubblegum. Besides its fun to work with, readily available and fairly cheap!

I wanted my party crisp and clean and a touch of chic. Using acrylic frames as trays I added a touch of whimsy to the day. I love the patterns made by the gum balls and this is my favorite part of the party.

I just kept finding things to glue gum balls on. From the spoons to the cake topper to sweet gumball garlands for the chairs. It was so fun!

I set up the party using a children’s table. For a small in-home party this is easy to do, but for one involving more guests I would have incorporated a sweets bar at a different table. Here I wanted to keep things child friendly, easily accessible and use the colorful items as decor.

I played off lots of polka dots and circles for accent. Using the tissue paper balls in gumball colors on the wall behind made for the perfect backdrop to our table. I loved this idea! Framing our Happy Birthday banner it was super happy!

Cake, cupcakes and of course bubblegum ice cream was served. Cupcakes were green, pink blue just like the layered cake. Adorable fondant gumball machines topped off some of the cupcakes and the others were dotted with colorful gumballs.

Bubblegum wish wands also towered over the cupcakes. Guests could wave these wands for fun with colored ribbon steamers.

Blue colored juice in plastic drinking jugs with red chevron straws was sipped up. Chevron was fun to incorporate in the design because of its modern flair. So I was so excited to use these red chevron straws!


  • Bubblegum jewelry made great favors and bubblegum necklaces in a box were perfect and chic. Bubblegum bracelets and rings too!
  • To keep the littles busy bubblegum art was a great activity using gum and glue. Make a masterpiece on a canvas!
  • Another fun activity was guessing how many gumballs in the jar. Our birthday girl counted 404 to be exact!

Our birthday girl was so cute in her bubblegum tank top and bubblegum bows! The bows were easily made by attaching a glue dot and gumball to the bow, easy!!

What is fun to do with gum? Pop a bubble, blow a bubble and chew! These ideas were incorporated with blowing our party horns, popping bubbles and chewing gum for favors!

Thanks to Harper Gray our new Bubblegum collection is now available. From invites to banners, straw flags even placemats and melamine plates. Your party will be complete!

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5 responses to “Rainbow Bubblegum Themed Birthday Party”

  1. the cupcake toppers are amazing… love the bright fun colors of this party!

  2. Erica says:

    LOVE this party!!

  3. awesome party! love the bright colors!

  4. we’re SO obsessed with this party! Everything is SO adorable!! every kids dream!

  5. Melissa says:

    I absolutely love the acrylic dessert trays. Where did you purchase them?