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SURPRISE GIVEAWAY: Pop & Lolli Wall Decals

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Mia is a designer and “mod mom” that believes in DREAMING BIG and making an impact… and that’s exactly what she did with her equal parts cool-and-adorable company, Pop & Lolli!

Pop & Lolli makes wall decals with serious style, and browsing through their collection is one of those things that just makes you think “how fun!”. If you wish your own walls were this cheery too, I have GOOD NEWS… this week, Pop & Lolli is offering up a $100 Gift Card to a lucky HWTM reader! Check out some of their newest designs below – including the amazingly detailed Iconic Cultural World Map design, the “feels just like a party” Fun Fetti design, and a whole lot more. They are also willing to talk about custom projects if you have something specific in mind.


The $100 Gift Card Giveaway starts now and ends at midnight PST next Tuesday, January 28th. Just use the Rafflecopter widget below. Good luck – and I’m curios/excited to see which designs you guys like best! :)




Pop and Lolli Wall Decals - Giveaway



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POSTED BY:jenn s.JENNIFER SBRANTI is the Founder and Creative Director of Hostess with the Mostess®, a hip and modern party planning resource.

70 responses to “SURPRISE GIVEAWAY: Pop & Lolli Wall Decals”

  1. kellee says:

    my kiddos would looooove the map!

  2. shannon g says:

    The iconic world map is great!

  3. caroline mckinnon says:

    How neat!! Perfect for the playroom! My oldest is a map fanatic!!

  4. Lisa says:

    So adorable, hard to pick just 1 favorite! Today the Puzzling Tiles are my favorite!

  5. Jen says:

    Jiving jungle pals

  6. Alison Salinger says:

    Love the hexagons…would be great in my home office.

  7. Kristin PG says:

    I love that map; that is just adorable!

  8. Brittany @GreyGrey Designs says:

    Me me me! Transitioning my little guy to a big boy room! Need this stuff!

  9. Amy Tolos says:

    I'd love the world map!

  10. Mimi says:

    Can’t decide btwn the fun-fetti and the world maps!

  11. Damaris Hampton says:


  12. I like the decorations with the cupcake on it

  13. Sherry Schulz says:

    Love all the vibrant colors! Would love to have the world map one…since we are an international family!

  14. Nicole Pate says:

    The world map is pretty amazing!!

  15. Chrissy B says:

    I like the world map for the playroom

  16. Michele Cardoso Libutti says:

    I really like the World map.

  17. Laura Bishop Mabry says:

    I love your designs.

  18. Safire says:

    LOVE the hexagons in the vibrant colors!

  19. colorfulspark says:

    Love them all!

  20. Check out this great giveaway by Hostess with the Mostess and follow the blog…its amazing!…

  21. jessica says:

    I love it all. So hard to decide!

  22. Jynette Purser says:

    The world map! Cute AND educational :)

  23. Gabrielle Smith McDonnell says:

    I'm in love with that super cute bear in glasses!! Although, the maps are really cool too! :)

  24. Elizabeth Urbina says:

    Wow! the cultural wall decals are awesome!

  25. Tina Du says:

    Awesome designs!! Would love to win! :(

  26. I love the Iconic Cultural World Map. It’s right up my alley!

  27. love your stuff… pick me please!

  28. Lisa Cooper says:

    I love the Fun Fetti!

  29. Jessica W says:

    I love the world map the most

  30. Nicki says:

    Map looks awesome!

  31. RVS says:

    all of the choices look so cool, but I’m partial to the map!

  32. Kristen Fell says:

    Cloudy skies wallpaper

  33. Love the fancy flight and my grandsons would love it too I'm sure! Thanks!

  34. Katie Lent says:

    I don't have children, but any of these would look great in my preschool classroom!! What fun!

  35. Candace McKenzie Hughes says:

    The tweetie birds are soooo cute!

  36. andrianalifelikes says:

    so vibrant & happy!

  37. Andriana Touloumi says:

    so vibrant & happy!

  38. The tree of knowledge and the fanciful fish would be my sons favorites!!

  39. Becky Danner Baldwin says:

    Love the bird choices. So many cute designs. It would be really hard to pick!

  40. SURPRISE GIVEAWAY: Pop & Lolli Wall Decals

  41. Adee says:

    That world map is stunning!

  42. Danyelle Schwarz Hutton says:

    Love the world maps.

  43. Jen N. says:

    Fun-fetti is awesome!!!

  44. Chrissie B. says:

    I love them all, but if I had to choose ONE I would say “Road Racing” since my nephew LOVES cars. My next option would be puzzling tiles for the craft room. I love the colors.

  45. Maria says:

    The cultural map of course!

  46. Dora says:

    I would love the world map! It is adorable!

  47. Jennifer Edwards Pittard says:

    Love the colors! So vibrant!

  48. I love the Fun Fetti wall decal!!

  49. Tatiana says:

    The World map is so cool!

  50. Elaine Sink says:

    Oh I love all of these! The map would be so cool… and I love how vibrant all of the colors are.

  51. solducky says:

    I love the Street Talk decals!

  52. Nancy Scales says:

    Love the world map! My son LOVES gloves…

  53. Dena says:

    My favorite design is the Deer N Hedgehogs.

  54. Laleanne Stanbery says:

    I've been eyeing the iconic world map. It would look great in my kids' travel themed room.

  55. How to choose!? Funfetti rocks and so does the map!

  56. Whitney says:

    Good stuff.

  57. Melanie F says:

    My little man LOVES the “how tall am I” decal!!

  58. Alicia says:

    I’d love the Fun Fetti ones…perfect for kitchen!

  59. Becky Levy says:

    I am definitely eyeing up the airplane/helicopter one! Going to be redoing the boys' room and was looking to do an airplane theme and these would be PERFECT!!!

  60. Caryl Montero-Adams says:

    I absolutely LOVE the Iconic Cultural World Map. It's gender neutral and full of life!

  61. Diane says:

    I like the Enchanted Forest Trees.

  62. Ashley R. says:

    rainy day drops

  63. Trish Tilly says:

    that iconic cultural world map is absolutely beautiful!

  64. Chris Stanifer says:

    Where can you see lions? Only in Kenya. Come to Kenya, we've got lions. (forget Norway)

  65. Jessica L. says:

    The world map is not just super colorful and cute, but it is educational too! Love that.

  66. Katrina says:

    I would say my favorite would be funfetti and the puzzling tiles. They are bother bright and fun you could creat anything!

  67. Yokary Cruz-Garcia says:

    Love it!! very modern!

  68. Jess Golden says:

    Love it! Thanks for posting! Truly a great way to decorate. I think simple wall decals (with class) can really add life to any room. I recently bought some wall silhouettes (safari animals) from to dress up my boy’s room. What a difference! I was really pleased with them. Keep up the good ideas!