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Medieval Knight Birthday + DIY Cupcake Stand Tutorial

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DIY cupcake cake stand wrapped with medieval castle paper

Greetings, fellow Lords and Ladies! Lady Abigail Barnes of Paper & Cake was delighted to plan this Medieval Knighting Ceremony Birthday Party for her daughter’s friend, Jacob. With flags flying high and a good old medieval joust, these guests were sure to feel just like real Knights in shining armor!

Abigail was also kind enough to share an awesome step by step tutorial on how she easily pulled off the DIY castle cupcake stand (which can be customized for ANY theme). Be sure to check that out at the end of the post!

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Coat of Arms adorned printables + cool medieval flag silhouette cupcakes toppers
  • Castle bounce house, castle shaped snack boxes + DIY castle cake stand (see below!)
  • Swords of Excalibur for each brave guest + a chain-mail vest for the birthday Knight

medieval knighting ceremony teen birthday party

medieval knight party printables

medieval party flags

medieval castle party banner and snack boxes

knight swords party props


PARTY DETAILS as told by Abigail…

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! It’s Sir Jacob’s birthday and you are all invited to the Knighting Ceremony! My daughter has been best friends with Jacob since diapers, so when I heard he wanted to have a Knights themed birthday party, I was happy to oblige. I took a little inspiration from what I think a jousting tournament might look like with flags, shields, crests, swords and other medieval weaponry. My utmost favorite part of this party was the cupcake stand (which we’ve used again, and again).

Wayfinding signage was really important at this event, as the party set up was at least a furlong, as the crow flies, from where you park your horse. It just goes to show you that no matter where your party might be, a little creativity and some printables go a long way!


This cake stand is a must!!! It was the centerpiece of the party and so easy to make! The best part about this particular kind of stand is that you can use it for cupcakes, a cake, or even cake pops and push-cakes. Any colored or patterned paper would work for the party of your choice. Here is a quick step by step tutorial on how we made a Hat Box Cake Stand for our Medieval Knights Party.

What you will need:

Before getting started, note that you will not need the lids for the hat boxes. We only used the base of the boxes, turning it upside down so that the flat bottom became the top.

DIY cake stand wrapped in patterned paper

Step1: Using the patterned paper, trace the circumference of the hat box to cover the top. You will need to tile more than one piece of paper together in order to achieve this. We just aligned the patterns and used double sided tape to make it look like one big piece.

Step 2: Cut along traced lines. You should end up with a circle that fits nicely on the top of the hatbox.

DIY building a castle cake stand

Step 3: Use hot glue gun to adhere your circle to the top of the hatbox.

Step 4: Measure sides of hat box, and cut out strips of patterned paper to fit along the sides. You will need multiple strips depending on the size of your box to cover the entire box.

DIY building a castle dessert stand with the hot glue gun

Step 5: Hot Glue strips to side of hat box. Try to align the pattern to keep a uniform look.

Step 6: Once sides are all covered, check to make sure you don’t have any hat box peeking through. We didn’t have enough coverage towards the bottom of our box, so we hot glued black ribbon to cover it up. It actually made the stand look even better!

DIY castle cake stand final step

Hat Box, or stand #1 should be covered and finished. Repeat steps 1-6 on different sized boxes for different tiers.

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