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Laugh Out Loud Practical Joke Birthday Party

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practical joke birthday party dessert table and whoopee pies

It may not be April Fools, but I am always game for some good old fashioned pranks! Gretchen of Three Little Monkeys Studio created this side-splitting Laugh Out Loud Practical Joke Birthday Party full of goofy joke props, sweet polka dots & fake-out bugs for her equally goofy daughter! The only requirement: lots of whoopee cushions (which Gretchen dutifully obliged to). I don’t know any little boys who wouldn’t go crazy for these pranks, and this style would also be perfect for an adult’s gag party!

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Rattlesnake egg gumballs, rubber chicken topped cupcakes & exploding snake in a can churros
  • Fly topped cupcakes & birthday cake + “Whoopee” topped sprinkled pink whoopie pies
  • Polka dot paperie + a scrap book paper polka dot dessert table backdrop
  • Disguise glasses & whoopee cushion cookies + whoopee cushion favors & bag tags

prank birthday party decor and dessert ideas

rubber chicken topped cupcakes

practical joke birthday party cookies

rubber chicken decorated birthday cake

snakes in a can churros party idea

whoopee cushion party desserts

whoopee cushion party printables


PARTY DETAILS as told by Gretchen

My daughter always keeps me on my toes requesting unique birthday themes, and this year was no exception when she asked for a practical joke birthday party. Reese is a bit of a prankster and her infectious giggles fill this house, so I wasn’t surprised by her request at all. She invited six good friends over for her first slumber party, and there were giggles and happy laughs all night long. You couldn’t ask for a better eighth birthday!

The first step was to design an invitation. When I asked her what kind of graphic she wanted on her invitation, she told me a whoopee cushion. You want a WHAT?!?! She insisted, so I crossed my fingers that parents would find it funny rather than tacky. I contacted my friend Kori of Kori Clark Design to help with the illustrations and she blew us away with some awesome graphics I used on the invitation. She’s pretty amazing.

Once I created the invitation, we put them in small boxes with a $1 gag from U.S. Toy. We hand delivered the invitations for an extra special touch and so I could meet the parents since I didn’t know all of them prior. I also created favor tags, food flags and a fun cake topper shaped like a whoopee cushion to compliment our invitation.

My daughter had very strong opinions on what she wanted to eat. We put our heads together and enlisted the help of some friends to create a fun dessert table with some of her favorite foods to share with her friends.

The cake is a Chantilly Cake from Whole Foods. It is stuffed with berries and is the birthday girl’s favorite! I created a whoopee cushion topper with the number “8″ and added a couple of flies as an extra surprise.

One of Reese’s favorite gags is Snakes in a Can, so I somehow wanted to recreate that. I thought churros kind of looked like snakes (maybe?), so I saved an aluminum can, made a printable that said Reese’s Fancy Mixed Nuts, wrapped it around the can and stuffed it with churros like they were springing out of the can.

My friend Brittany of Edible Details helped out with some pretty awesome fondant toppers. My daughter loves fondant, and Brittany has been a part of every birthday celebration. How cute are these chickens, right? (Don’t worry, the fly is just another gag.) I put them on top of store-bought chocolate cupcakes.

Linda of Frog Prince Cake and Cookie Design made the cutest little whoopee cushion cookies. The polka dots were so adorable! I put them in the favor bags, but I confess I hated to give them away. I really wanted to hide them and keep them for myself. They were so cute!

Another of Reese’s favorite gags is Rattlesnake Eggs. Apothecary jars were filled with SweetWorks gumballs, and one of her gags was used as a food label.

Whoopie Pies are a favorite around here, and I try to sneak them in any way I can. I made strawberry whoopie pies (or known in this party as “Whoopee Pies”) and rolled them in sprinkles. I stuck in a few food flags I made and a couple of fake flies. Our guests were definitely surprised when they saw the flies!

Krista of Cookies With Character is an amazing artist, and Reese loves her cookies. Krista always makes a special cookie just for the birthday child, and it is one of Reese’s favorite birthday traditions. Krista did a great job matching the invitation!

For decor, I repurposed lots of props and cake stands from around the house and used Reese’s collection of gags. Snakes in a can, chattering teeth, a rubber chicken, and a vintage soda pop crate all served a purpose as decor. I’m still not sure why a rubber chicken is a classic practical joke, but it isn’t unusual in this house to find that a mischievous person has stuffed a rubber chicken in your purse or sock drawer. It gives us the giggles at least.

For the table, I purchased some Felt-fetti from Shop Sweet Lulu to add some extra color. I then used scrap book paper in similar colors to make a polka dotted backdrop on the wall for some fun and to match the plates and favor bags. I also created the banner to match her invitation and hung it directly behind the cake.

Shauna of Cupcake With Character made me the tablecloth for another party, and I love using it every chance I get. It’s so pretty!

I put together some fun party favors for our guests in those cute polka dot Toot Sweet Party Bags. I created a whoopee cushion favor tag tied on with twine and stuffed the bags with a whoopee cushion, a cute cookie from Frog Prince Cake and Cookie Design, a squirt ring, snapping gum or chattering teeth, a pair of disguise glasses, and some candy. The kids loved them!

I put the favor bags on top of a vintage trunk along with an art print I picked up at a flea market. I just loved the retro face and thought the quote “If it’s not fun, I don’t do it!” was kind of fitting. I also put a few gags on the table — bug ice cubes and disguise glasses.

It was a slumber party, so keeping those girls busy was a must. They spent a lot of time outdoors jumping on the trampoline and watching Frozen and Wizards of Waverly Place. They played with horses, gabbed and laughed late into the night. I had to come out at one point and put on my stern mom face and say “It’s time for bed, girls!” I really am getting old.

I bought a kit of DIY practical jokes to make, but we ran out of time (or I ran out of energy). I did set up a little photo booth area for them with beads, silly rotten teeth, and other funny disguises. They had a blast with that, so I called it good!

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  1. A fantastic spin of a playful theme! Gretchen pulls together a beautiful party yet again. LOVE IT!