DIY Tutorial: Colorful Plastic Ball Party Garland

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diy tutorial: plastic ball garland

If you’re looking to add a big pop of color to a kids birthday party, I’ve got a fun project for you that’s surprisingly easy and budget-friendly!

You know those colorful plastic balls that you played in as a kid – or maybe the ones that your own kids play in now? Well…. you can actually turn them into colorful garlands that make for super fun party decor! Lightweight and durable, they can easily be pierced with a large sewing needle and strewn onto baker’s twine for a playful look. (You can find plastic balls in bulk on Amazon or in-store at Target or Walmart.) Here’s a closer peek at how to make them:

You’ll Need:

  • Plastic Balls
  • Baker’s Twine
  • Large sewing needle

1. Thread your needle with baker’s twine, then pierce the center of a plastic ball with the needle and pull it completely through the other side.

diy tutorial: plastic ball garland

diy tutorial: plastic ball garland

2. Continue stringing more plastic balls onto the garland until you’re happy with the amount.

diy tutorial: plastic ball garland

3. Adjust the spacing of the garland to your liking, and you’re done! Make sure to allot enough excess baker’s twine for hanging before cutting it from the spool.

rainbow plastic ball garland

You can utilize these garlands in different ways! At our Royal First Birthday Bash, I strung them between tall dowels to created a colorful “roped off” play area for the littlest guests…

kids party - plastic ball decorations

… and also strung them as traditional garlands in the main party room. Here’s a peek at the one above the rainbow popcorn buffet:

rainbow popcorn bar with colored popcorn

I also created a fun photo backdrop out of these for a different party (it hasn’t been published yet though – so stay tuned!). To create a photo backdrop, simply hang 8-10 of the ball garlands vertically on a wall or from a backdrop frame kit.

Hope you have some fun with these! They can event work at grown-up parties from time to time, so don’t be shy! I also used them to rope off the entrance of this Toy-Inspired Cocktail Party for Fisher-Price a few months ago. We didn’t get pics of the event entrance (sigh…) but I once you see the general look of the party you can probably imagine how well they fit with the rest of the decor. ;)


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    DIY Tutorial: Colorful Plastic Ball Party Garland

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    “DIY Tutorial: Colorful Plastic Ball Party Garland”

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  6. Jacqui Odell says:

    How cute and fun! I love all the bright colors.

  7. […] been having a lot of fun with Plastic Ball Garlands lately, and for this party I hung them vertically to create a fun photo wall backdrop! Very fitting […]

  8. Shravani G says:

    What is the size of balls?

  9. […] Here’s a closer look at the plastic ball garland too. I ordered this ball set and just used the balls that I matched the party. (The other colors will come in handy for different project soon!) These garlands are surprisingly easy to make… promise! (See my tutorial here.) […]

  10. TayloR says:

    What size balls do you recommend? Where did you find these? And what size needle?

    • jenn s. says:

      Hi Taylor – The balls were 2.5″ inches and purchased on Amazon, and I believe the sewing needle around 3″ long, since I was able to easily push it all the way through each ball and pull it out the other side. Hope that helps!