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Galante Baby Giveaway from HWTM

Right before my first daughter was born, I received a luxury layette set from a friend, and I still remember the feeling of opening up that package. I’d already stocked up on lots of cute, colorful onesies for everyday wear, but this outfit felt totally different. It felt “fancier” and extra-special… I instantly knew that I was looking at a keepsake, and may have even teared up a bit. ;)

This is exactly the type of gift that Galante Baby – the sponsor of this new reader giveaway – creates. They specialize in hand-crafted, limited production gifts for newborns… things like blankets and bibs and specialty clothing. And instead of cranking out a gazillion different products, they focus on just a handful of the most popular types of baby gifts, and on doing them very well. Their style is very “classic baby”, with an emphasis on lots of white and a hint of color brought in through embroidery and appliqué.

Another cool tidbit: The Galante Studio was founded in 1930 and remains the same family-run business it was over 80 years ago! You can learn more about their story right here.


Galante Baby is offering up a generous $200 Gift Card this week to a lucky HWTM reader! Whether it’s you or a loved one with a little one to celebrate, this should definitely come in handy. ENTER TO WIN via the widget at the bottom of this post. Good luck!


Baby Shower Quote Signs from HWTM - Free Printable


I was also inspired to design a free printable to go along with this giveaway. This “Blessings” 8×10 quote sign is inspired by the look of Galante Baby’s embroidered floral pieces, and can be framed and displayed at a baby shower or given as a gift. It’s available in both BLUE and PINK versions. {Click on the links to download.} Enjoy! :)


Galante Baby Receiving Blanket

Galante Baby Caps

Galante Baby Layette Gift Set


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  2. Abigail says:

    The floral layette is adorable!

  3. The floral layette is fantastic!

  4. Hallie Jewell says:

    The floral cardigan is adorablem and the blankets would be great keepsakes!

  5. Nora N. says:

    I’d love the layette!

  6. Joan says:

    The floral cardigan is lovely. I am a softie for anything with smocking.

  7. Leigh J. says:

    I love the Collared Jacket! My sister is having a baby next week, it would be perfect for my nephew!

  8. Allison says:


  9. The floral layette!! Its precious.

  10. Kristy E. says:

    I would love the layette!

  11. My brother just had twins so a matching blanket with pink and blue would be cute or and outfit

  12. Heather T. says:

    Oh my sweetness! A baby cardigan!? Must. Have. This.

  13. Enter to WIN a $200 Gift Card from @GalanteBaby!

  14. Melanie F says:

    Awww, I adore this whole set… thanks for the sweet chance! The Layette makes my heart happy, so darn cute!

  15. The floral layette is too cute!

  16. livivua says:

    Short-Sleeved Collared Onesie.