DIY Tutorial: Barbie Birthday Party Centerpiece Idea

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Barbie Birthday Party Centerpiece Idea

Planning a Barbie themed birthday party? Here’s a fun idea… This Barbie “Birthday Cake” Centerpiece is simple and stylish, and packs a big punch in the decor department! It’s also super versatile; you can easily switch up the patterned paper and colors to customize the look however you’d like. :)

This centerpiece is from the Colorful Barbie Birthday Party that I recently designed for Mattel®. Check out the full party out here. I chose the Barbie Rainbow Hair Doll as my “cake topper” for this design because her outfit perfectly matched the Free Printables that I designed for the party, which made things super easy! 

Barbie Rainbow Hair Doll

As far as the DIY materials go, here’s what you’ll need for this project:

Barbie Centerpiece - DIY Materials


  • Round Paper Mache Boxes in 8” and 10” (I used this set)
  • Patterned Paper
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors and/or Paper Cutter
  • Silver Spray Paint
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Wooden Letter
  • Craft Glitter

1. Spray paint the lids of the boxes silver, and let dry.

2. Cut pieces of patterned paper to fit the sides of the boxes and the surface of the lid. Attach the paper to the boxes with spray adhesive.

3. Use matching ribbon to cover any seams that form where the patterned papers meet on the sides of your boxes. Add more strips of ribbon evenly around the box for extra embellishment!

4. Cover the wooden letter (the first initial of the birthday girl) in glitter to add a little “Barbie glam” factor.

5. Stack the finished round boxes on top of each other, then set a Barbie Doll on top. (Use a doll stand to help keep her upright.)

6. Place the glittered initial in front of the doll stand to personalize the cake. Done!


You can also use the little accessories that come with the Rainbow Hair Dolls (a rainbow flat iron, hair clips, and brush) to further embellish the cake centerpiece, OR to create a separate “beauty themed” decorative display for the party, like this:


P.S. Make sure to visit the full Colorful Barbie Birthday Party post to find LOTS more ideas like this one! :)



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4 responses to “DIY Tutorial: Barbie Birthday Party Centerpiece Idea”

  1. @JSGEvents says:

    DIY Tutorial: Stylish Barbie Birthday Centerpiece Idea

  2. DIY Tutorial: Stylish Barbie Birthday Centerpiece Idea

  3. Tamara Rvera says:

    I would really love to know how to make the canvas frames with the stencil and fabric.
    I love the color scheme, and would love to incorporate this in to a barbie theme party.
    What size canvas did you use and what type of fabric?

    I thank you so much!

    • jenn s. says:

      Hi Tamara –
      So sorry I didn’t see your message earlier! I used 16×20″ canvases and just regular cotton fabric to wrap them – it was actually fabric that I bought at Michaels… they don’t sell a ton of fabric but they do have some solid color rolls in the sewing section. And then you can click here to download the artwork silhouettes for the canvases – just cut them out and hot glue directly to the fabric. :)