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GAME ON! 5 Easy & Creative Ideas for Game Night

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DIY Game Night Ideas for Parties or Family Game Night

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Game nights are fun by nature, but even MORE so with a little creative twist! And even the simplest ideas can pack a big, colorful punch. Speaking of which… life seems to be extra crazy busy for everyone these days, myself included, so I’m really trying to seek out more of those fun details that can be pulled off in a pinch. Each of these Game Night Ideas are simple and budget-friendly enough to work for anything from a big party with friends to a laid-back family game night at home with your closest loved ones.

Read on for the (easy!) project details and free printables below. Enjoy!

DIY Mini Coke Can Dice Shakerss

1. Mini Coke Can Dice Shakers

Unexpected details are one of my favorite ways to make people happy! So on that note, here’s a fun Game Night idea: swap out the standard dice shakers for mini Coke cans. This should bring confusion for 2 seconds, followed by amusement and smiles for the rest of the night. ;)

All you have to do is remove the top of the mini cans with a can opener. The inside of the rim should remain smooth if the lid is removed properly. Add some dice, and you’re ready to play!

DIY Domino Bags for Game Night

2. Domino Popcorn Bags

These playful popcorn bags are a fun way to add big pops of color to the evening. (Of course you can also stick with black & white for a classic party palette.)

You’ll need colored card stock, a 1″ circle craft punch, white paper bags, and an adhesive of choice. I used hot glue because it provides such a quick, secure grip, but you can also use craft glue, glue sticks, or double-sided tape.

To assemble, glue a thin strip of black card stock across the center of each bag, then add colored dots above and below the line to mimic the look of a domino. That’s it! Fill the finished bags with popcorn or other treats.

DIY Domino Bags for Game Night

Game Night Drink Display - Chess Board Inspired

3. Chess Board Drink Display

For a clever drink station display, use glass Coca-Cola bottles as a playful nod to chess pieces! I created a chess board inspired printable design to complete the idea here. It’s not meant to be a literal interpretation of a chess board by any means, but your guests should understand what it’s meant to imply. ;)

Quick note on the chess board printable – it’s 2 pages, and the left column of Page 2 is intended to go under Page 1 so that the look of the final “board” is seamless, as indicated below. I recommend gluing the 2 sheets together to keep them from shifting.

Printable Chess Board Decoration

P.S. You can download my 4×6 Let’s Play Sign for a fun decorative accent as well.