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Cool Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Add some oh, how cute! factor with these baby finds.

by Lisa - Owner, Chic Shops Baby

They say “when it rains it pours”. This is especially true in the case of baby showers – get out your umbrellas, there never seems to be just one! Arm yourself this shower season so you’re not stuck scouring the mall instead of enjoying the sunshine. It’s thoughtful and appreciated to shop off a mom-to-be’s registry if she has one. But Diaper Genie’s and humidifiers while practical can be blah.
Add some ‘oh, how cute!’ factor with these baby finds.

Busy gals shop smartly for the showers in their datebook and stock up on the cutest shower gifts by buying these inexpensive goodies in bulk and including them with a bigger gift:

1. Trumpette Socks – the most adorable socks, hightops for boys or sweet mary jane’s for girls. One box contains 10 pairs.
2. A New Baby’s Life calendar- a baby book for the fun-loving, modern mom.
3. Abbey Hill Creations “bling” pacifiers and pacifier holders – add some sparkle to their binky! And not just for girls, see skulls or soccer balls for boys.

If it’s not personalized – it’s not happening. The biggest trend out there is customized gifts. It can be difficult if the expecting parents haven’t picked out a name yet, but it’s always chic to use the last name or last initial on a gift:

1. Admiral Road – the cutest, modern blankets. Just add the baby’s name.
2. Sweet Arts Design – precious alphabet baby books with an educational bent- they are available in French or Spanish too!
3. Peek a Boo Art – wall art with the rugrat’s name and birth date.

Don’t let your friends schlep baby supplies in dull diaper bags. There are so many gorgeous ones to choose from:

1. Debbie Rott Diaper Bags – studded, for the tough girl.
2. Mia Bossi – hip and sophisticated for the couture girl.
3. Diaper Dude- for the girl who wears the pants (makes her husband carry the baby gear while she rocks a Botkier).

Don’t forget mom!
Something fun for the one doing all the hard work is always welcome:

1. Hanky Panky Thongs – who doesn’t love fresh new underthings
2. Sugar Toes – sparkly flip flops (to show off her feet until she gets back into those jeans)
3. Spanx – help her get back into those jeans!

And let’s face it; the best gift you can give is you! Bring the new parents some dinner and offer to babysit so they can catch up on some sleep. For a guide to more fab baby shopping, visit