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Stylish BBQ Ideas

Tired of the same old boring BBQ? Time to get creative!

BBQ - HamburgerWhen someone mentions coming over for a BBQ, you can usually pretty much instantly picture what the setting will look like: red & white Italian-style checked tablecloths, white napkins and paper plates, and clear platic utensils.

Ready to add a little extra “umph” to the next BBQ you host? Good...because there are lots of fun and easily accessible products out there that are sure to up the creativity factor for your next outdoor shindig...and get guests as excited about the ambiance as they are about the food! Here are a few of the ones we love:


Festive Partyware sets the mood...
Just say no to plain white paper plates and plastic utensils this time. Partyware is the perfect place to introduce fun patterns and splashes of color to your table - so take advantage! We’re loving these yellow-rimmed red & white checked paper plates from Broadway Paper. Pair them with solid bright yellow and black napkins, red utensils and a black tablecloth to really make your partyware colors pop. Coordinating beverage napkins complete the look!

Ant Napkin Rings by notNeutral™
Who would’ve thought...ants that are actually welcome at your table! But that’s definitley the case with these adorable little creatures. Everyone that caught a glimpse of them on our table immediately responded with “SOOOO cute!”. And we second that emotion. Sold in sets of 4/$24 - and available in both black or white at




Grill Condiment Set

Grill Condiment Set
Could there be a better way to display your BBQ condiments than in a sleek little mini-grill? One look at this clever little product and we think not! Your mini-metal “grill” comes complete with containers for those must-have BBQ staples: ketchup, mustard, salt & pepper, and – even better – easily doubles as the perfect centerpiece for your table! On sale for $29.95 at



red etch-it cupsEtch-it Cups
Tired of trying to find tons of different glass markers for all your guests? Get these cups and let the guests do the work. Peel back white paper to reveal a etch-able black surface. Have guests use their nails to design their own cups. If only everything could be this simple! 18 ounce cups. $10/pack of 32 at Plum Party




Eleni's Cookies - Cookie CookoutVisual - and Edible! - Treats
It's no secret that Eleni's makes some of the most adorable hand-iced cookies around - and this "Cookie Cookout" design is no exception! 16 hand-iced cookies that include everything from burgers and fries to mini bbq-s and more...these stand-out treats are sure to be as good for your party decor as they are for your tastebuds!





BBQ Invitation

A hint at what's to come...
Set the stage for a fun, festive get-together with stylish, themed invitations like these fun apron & grill invites from Broadway Paper, which feature modern silhouette illustrations set against a retro yellow and white check pattern. $23 for a set of 20 9x6" imprintable invites.