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Color Parties: Ravishing Red

Create a passionate, energetic ambience a palette of intense reds!

Red is an intense color associated with love, passion, strength, power, and energy. A party painted entirely in red is a great choice for celebrating engagements, Valentine's Day, winter holidays, and your favorite fashionista's birthday.


Ravishing Red: Partyware 

Apple Red Untensils
$3/set of 24

Top Stitch Red paper plates & napkins
$5.65 - $6.50




Ravishing Red: Dinnerware Motifs 

"Crush" square melamine plates
by French Bull
$48/set of 4

Pure Red porcelain dinnerware
from Mikasa & Co.
$59.99 / 5-piece place setting



Ravishing Red: Flowers

Red Ranunculous and Berry Branches are great choices for your floral arrangements.

For a dramatic display, group them together: a tall bunch of berry spray shooting out of the center of a much shorter, tight bunch of ranunculs.




Ravishing Red: Signature Drinks

Offer guests red wine a red signature cocktail such as an Eden Rose:
2 oz gin
1/2 oz Campari
1 oz fresh lemon juice
1/2 oz rose syrup

Non-alcoholic options:
• Fruit Punch
• Mountain Dew Code Red
• Red Bull energy drinks