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Five Fabulous Holiday Cake Recipes

Whip up some holiday cheer!

'Tis the season for baking up a storm! Here are a few of our of our favorite cake recipes for the holidays - from bundt cakes to cheesecake to loaf-style recipes. These treats are guaranteed to please loved ones & holiday guests of all ages - so grab a pan and whip up some holiday cheer!

1. Candy Cane Cake {Get the Recipe}

This peppermint-flavored cake is a holiday favorite! Sprinkle with crushed-up candycanes for extra presentation points!

Baking Tools:
Fleur De Lis Bundt Pan - Nordicware ($31.99)


2. Harvey Wallbanger Cake - {Get the Recipe}

The perfect ending to that grown-up holiday dinner party, this gem-of-a-dessert is often referred to as "one of the best bundt cakes ever". We concur! Don't have time for the "from scratch" recipe? This Box Mix Harvey Wallbanger Recipe tastes fantastic too!

Baking Tools:
Cast Aluminum Bundt Cake Pan - Martha Stewart Collection ($29.99)


3. Chocolate Chunk Cheesecake {Get the Recipe}

"Chocolate Chunk" and "Cheesecake" in the same title. Need we say more?!

Baking Tools:
Springform Pan - Martha Stewart Collection (on Sale for $12.99)


4. Mutti's Marble Cake {Get the Recipe}

Surprise the family with a sweet start to the day and serve up some of this yummy loaf cake for breakfast... it IS the "magical holiday season", after all!

9" x 5" Loaf Pan - Martha Stewart Collection (on Sale for $7.99)


5. Classic Coconut Cake {Get the Recipe}

This fluffy all-white cake looks fabulous as part of a "White Christmas" or "Winter Wonderland" dessert buffet. It's also a great "canvas" for getting creative with holiday color though - try adding fun details like sugared snowflakes, candy snowmen or pretty red poinsettia design.

Baking Tools:
9" Round Cake Pan 9 - Martha Stewart Collection (on Sale for $7.99)

Soft Grip Icing Spatula - Martha Stewart Collection ($12.99)


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