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Feathered Inspiration

Swap your usual florals for feather bouquets to create easy, eye-catching party decor!

How to recreate these feathered displays:

For the feather “bouquet”, you’ll need:
- a vase or Blumebox, such as the green one pictured here
- dyed feathers that match your party theme
- thick fabric ribbon
- optional embellishments such as the intial stickers pictured here

Arrange the dyed feathers to your liking in the Blumebox or vase, adding filler inside of the vase if necessary to get your feathers to the desired height.  Embellish the vase with a thick band of ribbon and the first initial of your guest of honor’s first name, or the first initial of the couple’s last name if your celebration is a wedding, rehearsal dinner, or engagment party.

For the “feather letter”,  you’ll need:
- a tall die-cut letter cut from chipboard or another sturdy material (check scrapbook and craft stores)
- a skinny vase or double-shot glass too act as a “vase” for your feathers
- dyed feathers to match your party theme
- 2 colors of ribbon for embellishment - in varying widths

First, embellish the chipboard letter to your liking. In the sample shown here, we wrapped the straight edge of the “B” with a thick fabric ribbon, then wrapped a skinnier fabric ribbon in the accent color on top. Next, attach the chipboard letter to the shot glass or vase using double-stick adhesive. Try to put the vase in the most inconspicuous spot possible, such as the straight side of the letter. Finally, insert your feathers into the shot glass vase, allowing them to spill over and stretch out in a playful manner. The fuller and fluffier the better!