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Easy, Cheerful Centerpiece

Liven the table with a fun, modern centerpiece that's lovely & bright just like mom!

Add a cheerful spark to the table with a simple, colorful centerpiece like this easy-to-create, modern orange and fuschia design!

mother's day centerpieceYou’ll need:
1. One extra-large glass cylinder vase, at least 12” or taller
  (vase pictured here purchased in-store at Target)
2. 4 clear glass cylinder bud vases, about 1/2 the height of your large vase or shorter. (available in-store at Michael’s or online at
3. electric orange and opaque white vase gems
  (found at craft/floral supplies or
4. 1" - 1.5" orange fabric ribbon
5. flower-shaped craft embellishments (pictured here: Pressed Petals from Michael Miller Memories)
6. White “Thickers” adhesive letters
7. 1.5 - 2 dozen bright pink and orange gerbera daisies

How to DIY:
First, fill the glass vase with 1/2 of the orange gems. Insert the gerbera daisies into the vase, using the gems to anchor the stems. Once you’re happy with the arrangement of the flowers, pour in the rest of the gems to help keep the arrangment in place. Add just enought water to cover the bottom of the stems.

(Optional) Using “Thickers” or other adhesive letters, add the name of a guest of honor or other relevant word (bride, baby, cheers, happy birthday, etc) to the front of the vase in white. (White will stand out even better than a color against the green stems of the daisies.)

Next, take your bud vases and wrap them with the fabric orange ribbon to create a single band about 1/4-way down the vase. Embellish the bands with paper flower embellishments. Fill the bottoms of the vases with 1-2 inches of opaque white vase gems to tie in with the white letters on the large vase.

Finally, arrange 2 bud vases on each side of the large vase to create one sleek row. If desired, add another single daisy to each of the bud vases or keep it sweet & simple and leave as-is!

Additional Information:
• The hot pink table topper pictured above is available at PlumParty.