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Easy Entertaining: Roll the Dice on Party Games

A hip hostess creates a party vibe that gets her guests talking, laughing and enjoying the evening. After all, when your guests are living it up, no one will notice that the roast might have been a little dry.

A great party can revolve around games people play. Whether you dig out a classic board game, engage in a friendly poker match, or create your own game – everyone can enjoy being a kid again with the right game.

The following are steps to planning the perfect game for your next party:

Themed Games: To create a fun game for guests, look no further than your own party theme. Book Club members become thespians by acting out their favorite scenes and Mexican night is the perfect excuse to blindfold guests and have them take a swing at a piñata. Be sure to add the tilde over the ñ.

Simple Set Up: A stylish and decorative ‘Game Box’ will keep every hip hostess prepared for the unexpected game request. A few decks of cards, a couple sets of dice, and paper and pens collected in a designated box will ensure any game request can be met on a whim.

Prizes & Incentives: Everyone loves to win and that’s why prizes are always a great idea! While elaborate gift bags will definitely impress your guests, simple prizes, like a free pass to the front of the dessert line or a reserved VIP parking spot at your next get-together, can be fun rewards for a game well played. Get creative and turn up the competition!

Fun and interactive games are a great way to engage your guests to enhance any party theme.

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