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Easy Entertaining: Its all in the Theme!

The secret behind any hip hostess is having fun while effortlessly entertaining. Sound impossible? When the hostess is having a good time at her own event it’s impossible for the guest not to do so as well!

Begin with a fun, visual theme. Tuesday taco night, for example, becomes a Mexican Fiesta with nothing more than a few things you probably already have around the house (maracas from your vacation to Cabo?).

The following are steps to planning your next themed party:

Everyday Celebrations: Birthdays and Thanksgiving aren’t the only time to get friends and family together – celebrate “The Job You Didn’t Get” or “A Hint of Glam” and have champagne with the girls.

Unexpected Décor: Get your creative juices flowing by serving appetizers from brightly colored, lined flower pots and using favorite pictures of guests as place settings. Save yourself time and money by using paper napkins – Vanity Fair® are my favorite – because who has time for linen?

Food & Drinks:
Once you have a theme, the menu creates itself! Carry your theme through the color, tastes and presentation of your meal.

Music: Mix it up with songs that fit your theme, but that are also from different eras and genres. It will only be a matter of time before your guests are dancing the night away!

A good party theme will enhance your celebration and give your guests a reason to remember your soirée.

Pheobe FontainePhoebe Fontaine™ is the new brand ambassador for Vanity Fair napkins. The Phoebe Fontaine website offers an event generator, hip party tips and free downloadable music. For more entertaining ideas contact Phoebe Fontaine at

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